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Mar 2017
Juri Strumpflohner
Mar 10 2017 10:58
Hi, quick question. I was going through this excellent blog post by Gleb ( and was wondering what's the new way of getting up with a new scaffold for a fuge service. In his post Gleb used fuge generate service which seems as if "generate" has been deprecated in favor of "clone", however fuge clone service doesn't work. Guess I have to provide him with an URL or something
any idea where I can find that one?
I'd like to generate a seneca service managed by fuge (very beginner here, just experimenting around with this stuff)
Juri Strumpflohner
Mar 10 2017 12:42
I think I have to use apparatus/service as URL. Now I don't get any error, but also nothing happens :)