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setValue(start,end, title) {
        const queryValue = '"gte:"' + this.startDate + "," + '"lte:"' + this.endDate;
            query: {
                fields: ['title'],
                range: {
                    publication_date: { gte: start, lte: end},
Sagi Lowenhardt
Hi all, is there any way to apply sorting to all queries? I thought about using customQuery but that doesn't seem to work
Karim Helal
Hi, is there a way to use this to build a hierarchical structure of tags and select either a parent (which would automatically select all sub-tags) or individual tags?
hi all! is there a way to translate or change the labels on a reactivelist pagination?
Erwann Mest
Dan Brennan
Curious as to what the best way of replacing the functionality of the DataController component is if migrating from v2 to v3?
Ishaan Jain

I'm using several ReactiveSearch components in my single page application. When the user clicks on a react-router Link and goes to a different virtual page, then any ReactiveSearch component that remained mounted from the first "page" to the second continues to work correctly.

But when the user navigates between "pages" using the browser's back button, then the ReactiveSearch components have their inner state reset (this state specifies which filters have been selected). Which is weird, because these components were never unmounted/remounted, they remained mounted during the "page" transition.

I don't know if this is a bug with ReactiveSearch. Is anyone else having this issue? Let me know if my question is unclear.

Ishaan Jain
I reproduced the issue here: https://codesandbox.io/s/selectedfilters-yci87
Type any word into the search box. That word act as a filter (aka BookSensor).
Now click the Root/Test links as many times as you want. The Home component does not unmount (I used a console.log statement in the Home component's componentDidMount lifecycle function to check this). So, as you would expect, the filter does not go away.
But now click the back button. The Home component still does not unmount (as expected) BUT the filter is reset.
Erwann Mest
What's the difference between mirage and dejavu ?
Web Solutions
I had built custom reactive component to make it sorted.
It worked fine.
But when I set the defaultQuery in reactive List component,
( this defaultQuery is for also sorting because when loading data from elasticsearch, I wanted to show data sorted by name. but my custom reactive components has many sort options)
If I set defaultQuery in reactiveList component, my custom sorting doesn't work at all.
Could you figure it out?
Hey guys
I am curious about if there is a quick way to spin up the entire solution?
I set up one way but would like to try another
i found a way to get it going
Christian Renardy
Hi, is there a limit for the search query if mirrored to the urlparams? We have a really large search term (10k letters with multiple braces, pipes and quotes) and works in searchkit (and urlparams there) but not in reactive search.
Hi - what's the easiest way to support regular expression queries in a CategorySearch field?
Gourav Agrawal
Hi all, I am building an Elasticsearch and reactivesearch application and I wanted to have a filter for one of my data field ( which is date) - But the options in the filter should be predefined like - "Last Month", Last 3 Months" and "Last Year". So I checked at the Daterange filter by reactivesearch but I dont want two date field( start date and end date and also dont want calender view in the filter) . ONLY 3 fields last x days and automatically filter records based on my date from datafield. Do you guys know how can I do that?


So I am playing around with vue reactivesearch. So far so goo.

<ReactiveList> is great but I need to format the result stats.
Tried using the :renderResultStats prop to pass a callback function as shown in the docs and it works but I can only control the displayed text.
Tried using a slot in a similar fashion to renderData slot but it does not show the result stats.

This works, but the html tags returned by renderResults get rendered as text.
This does not work :(
So I wonder how can I display the result stats and retain some control over formatting.
Gabriel Arronte
I've got nested Data, and would love to find a way where if I change value in 1 dropdownlist, it will clear out the value of the following dropdown list because the options will be different now.
Vandana P S
Hi, am using ReactiveGoogleMap in my application. I just need to get the click of MarkerCluster which is not expanding further (ie. having the same location) with the data. Do you guys know any solution for this?
Wolfram Bartussek
I kept looking for a while where to find the source of the technews demo app (https://opensource.appbase.io/reactivesearch/demos/technews/). Can anybody help and tell me where to download the sources of this app? Thanks!
Raphael Scheible
Hi guys, I'm using reactivesearch with a MultiList using the selectAllLabel option. The issue is, when I select 2 items on that list it requests only data where both items are valid (logical AND). When I press the "select all"-button it requests data where one of the items is valid (logical OR). If this is intentionally, is there an option to setup the all button to work with "AND"?
Bartlomiej Tyrpien
Hey guys, Im just getting started with reactive search, and I have seen that the Appbase.io logo gets added into the page with a link. Is there a way to turn that off? Or is it required for use with the react components?
Are there plans for the Vue version to be as complete as the react version?
I adore this component, but React is kind of a pain in the butt when one is used to Vue
Forget that. I picked up react native. And am full on 10000% adoring this plugin
Christian Barajas
Hi everyone! I am building a ReactiveSearch with Date filters using "DateRange", I want to add a "dayPickerInputProps " with a "disabledDays" to disabled past days, but the component doesn't respect de day I passed to "disabledDays". Do you guys know any solutions for this?

Hey folks, I am trying to implement 'Airbnb like' search. I use Reactive list to show data and Its data needs to be changed after I drag my Reactive map.

I drag the map (I see the call in network console), I recieve valid data but component is not updated. Why?

I also use this prop: react={{and: ['mapComponentId']}}

thanks for help

Daniel Doblado
Hello! anybody knows how custom render the label of a selected element in a MultiDropdownList?
How would you clear the customquery? I set it but it overrides all other queries when selecting components
Prashant Jain
Hi, I'm implementing reactivemap for my application. I need to confirm a functionality availability that is required for my application.
I want to create filter of location on the map to show kpi values for that particular location. And if user select a location, the map should be auto zoomed in to that location and zoomed out if user remove that location from filter..
Can anyone guide to implement this functionality?
Arleys Resco
Hello, anyone know how to increase the amount of suggestions return in a Datasearch component ?
@dominiquedutra how about using render?
@fearlex how many suggestions your receive from a direct call to ES?
Priyanksha Srivastava
Hi Guys
I am using datasearch feature in my project
But facing issues when adding multiple spaces or pressing backspace button
As _msearch call is not going when adding multiple spaces or pressing backspace
Priyanksha Srivastava
@metagrover Hi
Ansh Gujral
Hi every one.
I am not receiving all the properties in the response initially. How can I receive those as well?