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Yonathan Evan
Hi, can ReactiveSearch work with Java REST API and in the Java API to request data from Elastic and pass data back to ReactiveSearch Component? The Java API is kind of a middleware to keep Elastic private.
Hi,all I'm using reactive search for the first time in my application. This is a college search application so I have maintain a database for college??? If yes, so how can I intergrate database with the reactive search.
Or what else can I do
Abhinav Kumar Gurung
Has anyone used ResultCard with onData function.

Hi all,

Can anyone tell me how to make the resultcard responsive. By responsive I mean, when I click on the a particular result card it should render a popup on the screen with additional details from the database.


Hello Team
I want to use reactive search in my php codeigniter website. Is there any way to do this?
Hey all, put together a quick POC with sample data but I want to make the 'model' filter only display available items based on the 'make' filter?
Do I need to really dig into the API for custom work?
e.g. you select 'Audi' then only the 'Audi' models display in the second filter box, but user should be able to still add more 'Makes' from first list.

Hello, my name is Liora and I am currently hunting open source projects for company NeuraLegion (www.neuralegion.com)
We just launched a free annual subscription for open source projects for our AIAST tool NexPloit.

If you are interested, please, reach us on opensource@neuralegion.com!

Thank you for your time and consideration! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!


Super Dev

Hello everyone,
I am new to appbase.io, I created new app in appbase.io and imported json file.
But if I click "sort" icon in Browser data, it doesn't sort.
I am looking forward to someone help me with this.


@superdev88_gitlab I think that the field you're trying to sort needs to be names for example "Stores.raw" or "Stores.keyword" give it a try
The guys here will be able to help you better of course but just try that see if this works
Maxim Kot

Hello to all.
I suffer for a week I can not find a solution
Can anyone please !?

How you can load the initial state of the components, for example, from the URL, considering that the sensor(SingleList, DataSearch, etc...) components are not mounted to the DOM (they are mounted only if the modal window is open)

Erwann Mest
Is there any sort component in RS?
Erwann Mest
oh it's in the result card
reactive list*
Erwann Mest
I don't get why sort isn't a component itself
Erwann Mest
This message was deleted
Matthias Andrasch

And one more question, can I dynamically change my label at dataattribute in SingleDataList ? I need this for multi language.

Hey everyone, what's the current solution for this? :-)
(I'im using reactivesearch with vue)

Erwann Mest
What do you want to change?
It seems that you can customise everything you need: https://opensource.appbase.io/reactive-manual/list-components/singledatalist.html
Iiro Linden
Hey! I'm trying to create a custom ReactiveComponent "picker-component" to filter a ReactiveList. The component does work and allows me to do exactly that but what I'm having trouble with is integration with SelectedFilters. Currently if I clear the selection made via the custom component, the actual selection is not cleared even though the value disappears from SelectedFilters. How can I make the ReactiveComponent aware of the situation? I could not find anything in the docs.
Hey, i'm using ReactiveList component. i need to show all data from elasticsearch but i'm getting only 10 rows so how can i fetch rows without size props ?
Abhinav Kumar Gurung
how accessible is ReactiveSearch out of the box?
Erwann Mest
Hello :)
Is there someone who handles CORS with ReactiveBase ?
Michael Schreiber
@kud - so I realize this is ~13 days after your inquiry, but you could proxy your connection. But you should not need to proxy if you're connecting to appbase's servers
Erwann Mest
it's ok now, I did a PR on the doc project :)
Michael Schreiber
I have a React component to allow input of a date range - I cannot work out the correct form of the query to pass to setQuery - currently I have the following function that is called when the user clicks
setValue(start,end, title) {
        const queryValue = '"gte:"' + this.startDate + "," + '"lte:"' + this.endDate;
            query: {
                fields: ['title'],
                range: {
                    publication_date: { gte: start, lte: end},
Sagi Lowenhardt
Hi all, is there any way to apply sorting to all queries? I thought about using customQuery but that doesn't seem to work
Karim Helal
Hi, is there a way to use this to build a hierarchical structure of tags and select either a parent (which would automatically select all sub-tags) or individual tags?
hi all! is there a way to translate or change the labels on a reactivelist pagination?
Erwann Mest
Dan Brennan
Curious as to what the best way of replacing the functionality of the DataController component is if migrating from v2 to v3?
Ishaan Jain

I'm using several ReactiveSearch components in my single page application. When the user clicks on a react-router Link and goes to a different virtual page, then any ReactiveSearch component that remained mounted from the first "page" to the second continues to work correctly.

But when the user navigates between "pages" using the browser's back button, then the ReactiveSearch components have their inner state reset (this state specifies which filters have been selected). Which is weird, because these components were never unmounted/remounted, they remained mounted during the "page" transition.

I don't know if this is a bug with ReactiveSearch. Is anyone else having this issue? Let me know if my question is unclear.

Ishaan Jain
I reproduced the issue here: https://codesandbox.io/s/selectedfilters-yci87
Type any word into the search box. That word act as a filter (aka BookSensor).
Now click the Root/Test links as many times as you want. The Home component does not unmount (I used a console.log statement in the Home component's componentDidMount lifecycle function to check this). So, as you would expect, the filter does not go away.
But now click the back button. The Home component still does not unmount (as expected) BUT the filter is reset.
Erwann Mest
What's the difference between mirage and dejavu ?
Web Solutions
I had built custom reactive component to make it sorted.
It worked fine.
But when I set the defaultQuery in reactive List component,
( this defaultQuery is for also sorting because when loading data from elasticsearch, I wanted to show data sorted by name. but my custom reactive components has many sort options)
If I set defaultQuery in reactiveList component, my custom sorting doesn't work at all.
Could you figure it out?
Hey guys
I am curious about if there is a quick way to spin up the entire solution?
I set up one way but would like to try another
i found a way to get it going