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Repo info
    Wim Selles
    Finally I've launch Appium, but unfortunately, always get error "unable to locate element..." using any selectors, when activate Python script. Tap by coordinates works, then trouble not in configuration. Please help me.
    Hi I tried using Appium with desktop application and Appium session is losing connection after the splash screen goes off. I want to inspect the elements after splash screen has gone.
    iOS or Android?
    I had the same behaviour when the app wasn't build for the right architecture
    (on iOS)
    Hello, I would like to to distribute the execution of X cucumber tests among 2 Android devices, I have tried many times but... any idea that could help?
    Roc Itxart Alba
    Selenium Grid?
    Will that allow me to run tests on different devices? (not the same test on all devices)

    Currently I am using Appium, Selenium, Java, TestNG for native app. I am doing automation for iOS and Android and both functionality is same but yes element identifier is different in iOS and android. None of element have same name. Let’s say for login button element identifier is in following way

    For Android @AndroidFindBy(id = "com.abc.bot:id/home_screen_sign_in_btn") private MobileElement signinbtn; For iOS @FindBy(xpath="//XCUIElementTypeButton[@name='Log In']") private WebElement logInButton;

    Apart from that we are using CircleCI and for iOS and Android have different pipeline and different branch too. My question is, should I keep iOS and Android in same repo or different branch. Can someone explain pros and cons please? Should I use same repo?

    Azeez Ashraf
    Anyone to assist on a android tracker project
    hai , did anyone tried appium with GRPC.
    Aionitoaie Andrei
    @hp001 Since the only difference are the element identifiers, I will keep on framework for both platforms and just add a logic to use what you need depending on the platform.
    @yozzz06_twitter Thanks that's help.
    one more quick question I have following xpath for android element
    how should I write xpath for this?
    Tim Oien
    Is there a way to use partial accessibility ID for selectors? Like for CSS selector [^=startWith]. I have ~weather icon (num)
    Got an unexpected response: {"code":"ECONNRESET"}
    Help please. What could be reason?
    anyone has any idea on how to automate the android apps on browser stack, followed their documentation but getting the below error "Unable to create a new remote session. Please check the server log for more details. Original error: We're sorry, but we no longer support emulators or simulators. However, you can now run your selenium tests on real iOS and Android devices. Real devices are faster and more stable. Please contact our Sales team by visiting https://www.browserstack.com/contact and creating a query related to Sales. (WARNING: The server did not provide any stacktrace information)"
    anyone here
    Tim Oien
    Does anyone know of another way to check if an element is visible for iOS? I've tired waitForVisible, waitForExist and isVisible for WDIO all come back false or failing but I see the item on the app and it comes up on Appium Desktop Inspector.
    Mike Salvia
    Hey all I am on the newest appium 1.14.1 and I am seeing an issue it looks like the appium-webdriveragent (new) node_module is not getting a proper version via appium-xcuitest there is no Scripts directory or anything like that.
    Mike Salvia
    So from source the version of appium-webdriveragent is 0.7.2 but in 1.14.1 I am left with version 0.1.5
    Attempting to rollback to 1.13.1
    Mike Salvia
    I see the issue now appium/appium#13075
    It wasn't clear if that was the issue by the title
    Is there a way to interact with system level notification windows on Android? Like a BT pair dialogue?
    Hi All, is there a way for automating pinch/zoom behaviour on android apps. I was using https://appium.readthedocs.io/en/latest/en/commands/interactions/actions/#actions, But it doesn't work on android chrome browser.
    is there a way to enable bluetooth for iOS simulator devices?
    Wim Selles
    Hi All, there's an upcoming webinar on Sept 11 @ 11am - 12pm PST hosted by Jonathan Lipps, Mobile Test Automation and Appium expert, to share tips for speeding Up Your Remote Appium Sessions. https://info.headspin.io/webinar/speeding-up-your-remote-appium-sessions?utm_source=gitter&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=webinar
    Hi all, I am facing the issue , anyone have any idea?
    Kirill Kozlov
    Hi there!
    I want to reproduce the "Google Play Moovies & TV has stopped" in order to create watcher for this message. How can I do it? Any ideas?
    Hi there! Does anyone know how to solve the "click is not a function" problem with uiautomatorviewer?
    @marcio-cordeiro : Maybe the element is not clickable
    @jazaleja Thaks jazale... Solving the problem ... I put await before the click...
    Bassem Dakkan
    Hello, i have appium 1.13 and when it's trying to install an Android apk its returning an error: can't read apk or can't parse apk, this is bcz its running command: adb shell pm install; am facing the same error when executing this command from command line, but "adb install" without "shell" is working.... any ideas? Cz appium insists on installing with the shell command
    I've beem struggling all day with that
    May I know what are the various programming languages does appium supports for testing Mac native apps using appium-mac-driver ?.
    Maxime Dubois
    anyone knows if it's possible to send a key down event for on the main window. My current app i'm testing if I press the "F" letter will pop another window. But currently I'm not able to reproduce this.
    Wim Selles


    Don't know why you're asking :wink: but the 2 sites I use a lot are:

    1. http://appium.io/docs/en/about-appium/intro/
    2. https://appiumpro.com

    Hi all, anyone knows which is the best approach to verify if the input field does not accept special characters, e.g: "$#@%%^&*(" , either on Android or iOS?

    For example, I have an input field that only accepts numeric characters, any other special characters besides allowed characters are not sent to the field no matter what users pressing on the keyboard itself.
    I try to use 'Send Keys' function and then assert the input field's text equals blank (input values are not filled), but Appium can still send the restricted characters successfully.

    Wim Selles


    To be honest:

    1. this should be a unit test and not a UI test, because this is very time consuming. It also needs to be an API test, because people can still adjust frontend code (if it's a frontend app) and send different chars through the API
    2. it's also good to know how the filtering is done, if this is done for example with HTML and a specific attribute, like for example <input type="number" > then you shouldn't even test it because this is default behavior, if it's broken, the it's broken for the whole world. There are also some functions for that for native code
    3. Check the risk and business value

    I'd always advice to avoid these type of tests through the UI, especially on mobile because they are 3-6 times slower than on desktop browsers

    ok thanks @wswebcreation