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Repo info
    Hello @singh-120 . I'll advice using selenium in place of appium.
    hello everyone!
    i want to learn about android automation
    Hardik Desai
    Is anyone able to run test on ios13 real device?
    I am getting an error during ios-deploy
    android phone.
    Vineeth Nambiar
    Hi all,
    when i run the command uiautomator i get the following error
    Exception in thread "main" java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: Could not load SWT library
    i want to deploy my appium script in remote server using jenkins...can u please suggest any other emulator to run my appium script in remote server apart from default jenkins "Android Emulator" plugin
    I have two issues launching an iPhone simulator on Appium and I wonder if they are related: 1) the constructor to IOSDriver times out (vs2017) 2) Appium complains that it cannot connect to WebDriverAgent at port 8100. Are these related or separate issues?
    Hardik Desai
    just reset simulator and run test again
    or delete wda app and run test
    @patrickinminneapolis ^^^
    Hello. Could anyone indicate a good report to use with Appium running tests in parallel? I currently run my tests with pytest-xdist using the Allure report (each test case runs on 3 different devices), but the problem is that in the allure report it is difficult to differentiate when the tests are running in parallel.
    Get title is not working using appium,I am getting below error.
    getTitle' on the IOS platform is not implemented
    How can I resolve this issue?
    Does anyone know how to avoid this?
    @Pooja0907 Are you trying gettitle for mobile browsers?
    Sid Ferreira
    @sitansu_kar007_twitter Thanks a lot!!!
    Hi , We are newly started using appium tool for automating both iOS and Android Apps.. In iOS, we are observing only "NAMEs" are Object IDs. In otherwords, both "text" and Object ID attributes are same.. How to access the object IDs in iOS Appium
    we have installed *.ipa files in iphone..
    For Android FindBy(id = "com.abc.xx:id/sign_in_btn") . For iOS @FindBy(xpath="//XCUIElementTypeButton[@name='sign_in']")
    But only accesibility names only displayed for iOS .. not actuall Object IDs..
    Is there any way for get the "Object IDs" in iOS as well ?
    Hello everyone. I used googlefirebase for android.But I can't fetch data from google firebase.
    Help me.

    Hi , We are newly started using appium tool for automating both iOS and Android Apps.. In iOS, we are observing only "NAMEs" are Object IDs. In otherwords, both "text" and Object ID attributes are same.. How to access the object IDs in iOS Appium

    Any suggestions ?

    hello sir.
    do you have genymotion personal free?
    sitansu sekhar kar
    Just for an overview: in appium you can use absolute xpath, accessibility id and xpath.
    Using appium inspector or Xcode accessibility inspector you can determine
    xpath: //XCUIElementTypeStaticText[@label=''];
    Accesssinlity id: use directly.
    XPATH: driver.findElement(by.xpath(//XCUIElementTypeStaticText[@label='XYZ']));
    Access id: driver.findElement(MobileBy.id("XYZ"))
    And try to avoild absolute xapth!
    @hardik-plume for iOS 13.0, appium has an issue
    Refer: appium/appium#13072
    This will be fixed in appium release 1.15.0
    Hello, is there any way to start docker appium on ec2 ubuntu? I've been trying for couple days but virtual device doesn't start
    Hello, everyone! when i test a printer which is a android system, page info can not load completely. The findElementByXpath cannot find webElement.What is reason of the problem? How to handle it?
    Veera Subba Reddy
    No route found. Setting context type to 'text/plan while running Execute driver script.can some one please help on this
    Veera Subba Reddy
    Unable to determine T. Last 1 characters read: T. While running ExecutedriverScript
    Hey Guys,
    I am facing an issue with Appium 1.14 & 1.13 , I am using Mac catilana and xcode version 11 . the problem i have is, the appium desktop is getting stuck while starting the session, though it does launch the app but in inspector, it just shows "Gathering initial app sourceā€¦"
    any idea
    Wim Selles


    XCODE 11 needs Appium 1.15.x. We are currently busy with the last things for 1.15 and it will be released very soon. In the meantime you can do the following

    • npm install -g appium@1.15.0-rc.4
    • start the appium server through the command line on for example port 4723
    • start appium desktop on port 4724
    • then select a customer server, see below image, and start a simulator
    Help please. I have an elemnt with classname this myQbAppList . How to identify an element on android in saucelabs ?
    I tried $('.myQbAppList') gives element not found
    @wswebcreation Thank you . Will try
    Mike Salvia
    Hey all! Wanted to see if anyone has automated against AV Player in the past. I am looking at trying to get the captions which AV Player creates but I cannot inspect them via Appium. Does anyone know of another way to get that element? It might not be possible I know this but I wanted to ask.
    AV Player is iOS internal video playback library.
    How to click on right tick on android native keyboard ?