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    hello sir.
    do you have genymotion personal free?
    sitansu sekhar kar
    Just for an overview: in appium you can use absolute xpath, accessibility id and xpath.
    Using appium inspector or Xcode accessibility inspector you can determine
    xpath: //XCUIElementTypeStaticText[@label=''];
    Accesssinlity id: use directly.
    XPATH: driver.findElement(by.xpath(//XCUIElementTypeStaticText[@label='XYZ']));
    Access id: driver.findElement(MobileBy.id("XYZ"))
    And try to avoild absolute xapth!
    @hardik-plume for iOS 13.0, appium has an issue
    Refer: appium/appium#13072
    This will be fixed in appium release 1.15.0
    Hello, is there any way to start docker appium on ec2 ubuntu? I've been trying for couple days but virtual device doesn't start
    Hello, everyone! when i test a printer which is a android system, page info can not load completely. The findElementByXpath cannot find webElement.What is reason of the problem? How to handle it?
    Veera Subba Reddy
    No route found. Setting context type to 'text/plan while running Execute driver script.can some one please help on this
    Veera Subba Reddy
    Unable to determine T. Last 1 characters read: T. While running ExecutedriverScript
    Hey Guys,
    I am facing an issue with Appium 1.14 & 1.13 , I am using Mac catilana and xcode version 11 . the problem i have is, the appium desktop is getting stuck while starting the session, though it does launch the app but in inspector, it just shows "Gathering initial app source…"
    any idea
    Wim Selles


    XCODE 11 needs Appium 1.15.x. We are currently busy with the last things for 1.15 and it will be released very soon. In the meantime you can do the following

    • npm install -g appium@1.15.0-rc.4
    • start the appium server through the command line on for example port 4723
    • start appium desktop on port 4724
    • then select a customer server, see below image, and start a simulator
    Help please. I have an elemnt with classname this myQbAppList . How to identify an element on android in saucelabs ?
    I tried $('.myQbAppList') gives element not found
    @wswebcreation Thank you . Will try
    Mike Salvia
    Hey all! Wanted to see if anyone has automated against AV Player in the past. I am looking at trying to get the captions which AV Player creates but I cannot inspect them via Appium. Does anyone know of another way to get that element? It might not be possible I know this but I wanted to ask.
    AV Player is iOS internal video playback library.
    How to click on right tick on android native keyboard ?
    To save value
    I have used driver.pressKeycode(66) but no luck
    @mikesalvia @drawat71 @skamineni
    Hello, guys! I'm experiencing some problem with setting value into the picker wheel after updating to Xcode11. I'm trying to sendKeys in XCUIElementTypePickerWheel element. Before Xcode 11 it worked, but for now it doesn't. Could someone help?
    Hi there, any issues with xcode 11 and appium 1.13
    I would suggest to go back to xcode 10 till we get a stable appium version. it's pretty simple to revert xcode
    Wim Selles
    You need to be on Appium 1.15 if you want to use XCODE 11
    can anyone know a simple solution for uiautomator2 shake application?
    Wim Selles
    No, it's currently not supported
    I know, but maybe someone found a simple solution. Backdoor really does not want to use (
    Alexander Bezhenar

    Hello, guys! I'm experiencing some problem with setting value into the picker wheel after updating to Xcode11. I'm trying to sendKeys in XCUIElementTypePickerWheel element. Before Xcode 11 it worked, but for now it doesn't. Could someone help?

    Also have problems with sendKeys and XCUIElementTypeTextView element.
    Trying to find why sendKeys works for some elements and doesn't work for other

    I use Appium 1.15.0 and Xcode 11.0

    @bezhenar We are experiencing similar issues with sendKeys on Appium15/Xcode11. It will occasionally move the cursor to the front of the text field before typing.
    In my framework... for setup app(setup desired capabilities)... I'm using @beforeMethod(in my test base class)... it's time-consuming and for every test, it will setup app... instead of using @beforeMethod... what should I use?????
    Usually I installed my office staging app and use automation. Recently, Appium not getting source code for particular screen
    Can somebody tell me please: can I run my Appium tests on Android device without connected it to PC?
    Wim Selles


    Yes, check google on Appium over wifi and you will find multiple articles, like this one https://blog.usejournal.com/run-your-appium-tests-on-real-devices-over-wifi-d70b7e7f6aeb

    I don't have experience with it

    Any suggestion for above stackoverflow question?
    Hi -Sendkeys are not working on iOS device..can someone help here?
    @nrakshe Can you make sure that the keyboard is visible? Also check this appium/appium#10418 .
    Yes keyboard is visible ..but sendkeys fails
    Nir Tal
    new automation articale:
    hi @all
    touch action is not yet working in appium ios
    am using the java client 7.0 jar
    anyone can help pls