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Repo info
    Anyone tried to automate long-press and swipe gestures on a hybrid Ionic3 application?
    @Nikhilc11576877_twitter please check your app support refresh on following event drag down and relese. I am using same and it works fine with Native iOS app on Appium 1.15 and ios 12.0
    Hi has anyone had success with running deeplinks for ios devices?
    I hear people saying it should work but I cant seem to manage
    Hi guys. Is anyone know where I can get a list of supported languages/countries by 'language'/'locale' caps?
    Hey guys is possible to run Appium remotely without me connecting android device to the server that has appium installed ?
    you can using selenium grid
    Shawn Edge
    anyone using ruby with appium?
    any suggestion for best free emulator for appium apart from genymotion
    @cdne just mention the ipaddress of the remote system in the port number..this will work only if both the system connected to same network..if the system connected to different network then u have to use port forwarding
    Hi! do anyone work with widget for Android? I install app and I want to install widgets to main screen. How I can correctly automate it?
    @Nikhilc11576877_twitter send me the error message
    adi cohen
    Hi all
    is there anyone here who managed to run appium on ios 13 ?
    How to automate OTP, alerts
    Hi Am currently using Appium version 1.15.1 and andriod devices version 10 with that am unable to find an element with xpath
    Any one can help me on this?
    I have the same Problem with Android 9 and could not find any solution on web :(
    @pradeep89346635_twitter Send me the error message
    Hello ;)
    I have a following problem:
    Android programmers created GridView in some point in application, this grid is automatically filled with items downloaded from backend via endpoint, depends on language. So it almost never be the same if I change language, but I am trying to make my tests generic (not working now).
    Is there any way to identify exact items in GridView? that is dynamic and can change?
    I will appreciate any help!
    Sven Murat
    Hi, I'm a beginner with the appium and I have a task to test hybrid app in android. So, now I'm trying to ''mirror'' connected the real device on the pc and now I need advice, like, is it vysor good enough to do that kind of stuff and to test the app with webdriverio?
    can we test hybrid app using appium on windows but run on real ios device
    Muntaz Kaleem
    Could not connect to server; are you sure it's running?
    when i m running ios simulated device
    Having every build around 10 to 15% properties are changed. Dev team unable to understand this issue. Any body having same issue and how to resolve it ?
    anybody having this answer, please sent me if any existing answer link or answer to mention(testopc1@gmail.com).
    It's really helpful for me
    Shawn Edge
    how to tackle this issue. What step dev team need to take that object properties will intact . Please let me know.
    Shawn Edge
    not sure your question....
    Sounds like you are looking how to understand locators... - http://elementalselenium.com/tips/22-locator-strategy
    Muntaz Kaleem
    anyone been facing issues with appium version 1.15 using ios
    anytime i start the session i get an error Error
    Could not connect to server; are you sure it's running?
    "platformName": "iOS",
    "platformVersion": "12.4",
    "deviceName": "iPhone Xs",
    "noReset": "true",
    "connectHardwareKeyboard": "true",
    "autoAcceptAlerts": "true"
    Poovaraj Thangamariappan
    @waheedahmed55 try appium studio
    @testopc1 If you say locators are changes, what are those locators. Are they classNames of the locator ? If you are using the class names as locators, then you should avoid using them as developers constantlt refactor or restructure it so it changes time to time. So better you can ask them to add data-testid or id locators. These data-testid or ids will not change unless they change it deliberately
    As a beginner with appium, should I understand how selenium works first before diving into appium?
    Prabhu Mohan
    @bytechase that is best option
    The app my team supports is using AccessibilityIDs, but the appium tests can only be run in one language - because the accessibilityID should contain the contextual information for a user with a screenreader. This means I would have to maintain multiple translations of the AccessibilityID in the test suite. Does anyone have some experience with architecting this and share some tips please?
    Also, looking for some links to current examples of using page factory. All the links from Appium website point to Appium Boneyard...
    hi ,
    how to scroll app screen fields element to elemnet
    please give me any suggestion
    hi.. i am getting "ECONRESET" error randomly and complete suite execution is getting stopped...any idea why its happening?
    appium/appium#11628 .. this is the similar issue which i am facing but the mentioned solution is not working in my case
    Vadym Morozov
    Any ideas ?:)
    I see that method browser.setWindowSize for mobile devices is not implemented. What can I use instead?
    webdriver: Request failed due to Error: Method is not implemented
    What can be used instead?