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Repo info
    Muntaz Kaleem
    Could not connect to server; are you sure it's running?
    when i m running ios simulated device
    Having every build around 10 to 15% properties are changed. Dev team unable to understand this issue. Any body having same issue and how to resolve it ?
    anybody having this answer, please sent me if any existing answer link or answer to mention(testopc1@gmail.com).
    It's really helpful for me
    Shawn Edge
    how to tackle this issue. What step dev team need to take that object properties will intact . Please let me know.
    Shawn Edge
    not sure your question....
    Sounds like you are looking how to understand locators... - http://elementalselenium.com/tips/22-locator-strategy
    Muntaz Kaleem
    anyone been facing issues with appium version 1.15 using ios
    anytime i start the session i get an error Error
    Could not connect to server; are you sure it's running?
    "platformName": "iOS",
    "platformVersion": "12.4",
    "deviceName": "iPhone Xs",
    "noReset": "true",
    "connectHardwareKeyboard": "true",
    "autoAcceptAlerts": "true"
    Poovaraj Thangamariappan
    @waheedahmed55 try appium studio
    @testopc1 If you say locators are changes, what are those locators. Are they classNames of the locator ? If you are using the class names as locators, then you should avoid using them as developers constantlt refactor or restructure it so it changes time to time. So better you can ask them to add data-testid or id locators. These data-testid or ids will not change unless they change it deliberately
    As a beginner with appium, should I understand how selenium works first before diving into appium?
    Prabhu Mohan
    @bytechase that is best option
    The app my team supports is using AccessibilityIDs, but the appium tests can only be run in one language - because the accessibilityID should contain the contextual information for a user with a screenreader. This means I would have to maintain multiple translations of the AccessibilityID in the test suite. Does anyone have some experience with architecting this and share some tips please?
    Also, looking for some links to current examples of using page factory. All the links from Appium website point to Appium Boneyard...
    hi ,
    how to scroll app screen fields element to elemnet
    please give me any suggestion
    hi.. i am getting "ECONRESET" error randomly and complete suite execution is getting stopped...any idea why its happening?
    appium/appium#11628 .. this is the similar issue which i am facing but the mentioned solution is not working in my case
    Vadym Morozov
    Any ideas ?:)
    I see that method browser.setWindowSize for mobile devices is not implemented. What can I use instead?
    webdriver: Request failed due to Error: Method is not implemented
    What can be used instead?
    Shawn Edge
    @flexin777 : shouldnt ever need to set window size for Appium with Mobile devices...
    What you should do is if your test is running on both browsers and mobile devices have it be called at the driver setup if a parameter is passed
    @sadhananda : Can you tell me more about the environment? Does it stop at the same position every run?
    Hi all , i have a new Apoium project that i need to content to circleci . the first problem i have is that the job currently on circleci don't have any job to create the APK
    did some one had this problem and can help me?
    Shawn Edge
    @shaytolaculturetrip : not the correct room.
    But here's the circle-ci documentation: https://circleci.com/docs/2.0/language-android/
    Hey guys! Trying to launch inspector but getting this error: "Unable to launch WebDriverAgent because of xcodebuild failure: Command 'carthage bootstrap --platform iOS\,tvOS' exited with code 1". I cloned WebDriverAgent repo and build it successfully. Previously inspector was working fine, something changed now...
    Shawn Edge
    @ezywebs , What platform are you using this on tvOS?
    no, iOS
    Shawn Edge
    Looks like you need to correct your carthage setup.
    Hi, we are automating a hybrid App with Appium. Currently, we are working on Android. According to Appium's doc, we need set the context to WebView's context before accessing WebView elements. But we found, even we don't changing to WebView context, we can still get the WebView elements and operate the elements in the native way (Appium Inspector also works fine in native way). So wants to know, why it works? Does Appium already support hybrid app without switching contexts? We haven't started on iOS so don't know if this way still works on iOS. We are afraid, someday this way doesn't work and we have to update our codes. Want to get some confirmation about this.
    @Edge_Man_twitter its is stopping randomly..sometimes execution will stop with 15 min and sometimes after couple of hours
    Poovaraj Thangamariappan
    I am doing mobile automation testing using appium and I want to access mobile / iPad remotely in Mac system. Please let me know how to access iPad through remotely?
    Manikandan M G
    @poovaraj - if you want to run the automation you can access thourgh jenkins master & slave concept
    run the test
    @Polaris008 - In Android depends on OS version & Chromium version if these are some latest version UIautomator will have access the webview elements
    you can try for some older os device like Android 5 or 6 version check the same script might not work there you need to handle the webview context
    Manikandan M G
    1. Android OS version
    1. Chrominum version
    1. Uiautomator version
    depends on all above items
    Charlie Kurban

    Hi all

    I am keep seeing below shown issue when I am trying to run my test :

    Execution of 0 spec files started at 2019-11-11T13:57:53.847Z
    2019-11-11T13:57:53.850Z INFO @wdio/cli:launcher: Run onPrepare hook
    2019-11-11T13:57:53.851Z ERROR @wdio/cli:launcher: Missing capabilities, exiting with failure
    2019-11-11T13:57:53.851Z INFO @wdio/cli:launcher: Run onComplete hook
    Spec Files:     0 passed, 0 total (0% completed) in 00:00:00 
    2019-11-11T13:57:53.852Z INFO @wdio/local-runner: Shutting down spawned worker
    2019-11-11T13:57:54.107Z INFO @wdio/local-runner: Waiting for 0 to shut down gracefully
    2019-11-11T13:57:54.107Z INFO @wdio/local-runner: shutting down
    Here is my shared config:
    exports.config = {
        // ====================
        // Runner and framework
        // Configuration
        // ====================
        runner: 'local',
        framework: 'cucumber',
        jasmineNodeOpts: {
            // Updated the timeout to 30 seconds due to possible longer appium calls
            // When using XPATH
            defaultTimeoutInterval: 90000,
        sync: true,
        logLevel: 'verbose',
        deprecationWarnings: false,
        bail: 0,
        baseUrl: 'https://www.xxxx.co/',
        waitforTimeout: 10000,
        connectionRetryTimeout: 90000,
        connectionRetryCount: 3,
        reporters: ['spec'],
        // ====================
        // Appium Configuration
        // ====================
        services: ['appium'],
        appium: {
            // For options see
            // https://github.com/webdriverio/webdriverio/tree/master/packages/wdio-appium-service
            args: {
                // For arguments see
                // https://github.com/webdriverio/webdriverio/tree/master/packages/wdio-appium-service
            command: 'appium'
        port: 4723,
        // ====================
        // Some hooks
        // ====================
        beforeSession: (config, capabilities, specs) => {