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Repo info
    Hizkia Nowaly
    @stivesartarmon https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-_6C_-CMqSk try this one!
    Hi!, can we setup automation with free apple id?
    An unknown server-side error occurred while processing the command. Original error: Could not find 'adb.exe' in ["C:\android-sdk\tools\bin\platform-tools\adb.exe","C:\android-sdk\tools\bin\emulator\adb.exe","C:\android-sdk\tools\bin\tools\adb.exe","C:\android-sdk\tools\bin\tools\bin\adb.exe"]. Do you have Android Build Tools installed at 'C:\android-sdk\tools\bin'?
    why am i getting this error? instead of showing emulator
    Ish Abbi
    @BELGIJOSE Its because of adb.exe. Is it installed on your machine? If yes, is it installed in one of the below mentioned paths?
    no i installed it in appdata\local\android\sdk\
    but its checking in this path
    Error response status: 13, UnknownError - An unknown server-side error occurred while processing the command. Selenium error: An unknown server-side error occurred while processing the command.....plese help me out
    Ish Abbi
    @BELGIJOSE - Your ANDROID_HOME env variable might be configured incorrectly.
    @Ksameers - full stacktrace please?
    no i set it as C:\Users\tst3\AppData\Local\Android\Sdk
    am getting this error in appium real device while sending keys through server.
    Dipika Shimpi
    [XCUITest] We are in the middle of selecting a page, ignoring
    I am getting above error.
    Can someone help me how to solve this issue.
    It is opening safari browser but not proceeding further.
    @hizkianowaly , thanks for the response but the youtube video - you share talk about appium but not about webdriverIO . I need some helping content of webdriverIO + Appium.
    I'm using Appium Desktop, when I try to start a session, I will a popup with Big HTML content. The main error that it says is, Blocked due to invalid server IP. I'm in my office network, should I need to any special settings to enable appium. Stuck with this from a week, please help me
    I'm testing on Mac machine running on Mojave and trying on iOS simulator 8 (13.2.2). With Appium version 1.15.1
    hello, i am using webdriverio with appium. I am switching between two apps i tried using two different simulators on different ports and tried using the same simulator(with same port) for different. but somehow after starting the environment it is not able to focus on the app. Do i need to use some launchApp function or something
    my test cases seem to work with a browser and a app and i am able to switch between two. However does not work with two apps
    can anyone help or any ideas for that please?
    Can appium run in Linux with headless mode? How to achieve it ? Anyone can help me? Thank you
    @chirag-farfetch , Can you please help me with initial get started of Appium with webdriverIO.
    hello, i am trying to use - driver.launchApp(); however i get an error launchApp is not a function
    according to this tutorial
    i am trying to switch between two apps. but not finding a solution
    Hi, has anyone tried Set/Get Clipboard APIs? We are able to Set value (base64 encoded) to clipboard. But "Get Clipboard" API is returning Null value. However, we are able to paste the value with a long press manually which confirms that the text is available in the clipboard. This is on ios (XCUITEST) device.
    Hello, it seems this documentation page is returning a 404? http://appium.io/docs/en/commands/element/
    Where is the proper documentation?
    Tom Fottinger
    Could someone please help and explain why I’m getting this error.
    Calling AppiumDriver.performTouch() with args: [[{"action":"press","x":606,"y":1554},{"action":"moveTo","x":606,"y":1086},{"action":"release"}],"5ba69d07-3bb5-4afe-b0ed-ee17a8c3a141"]
    [W3C (5ba69d07)] Encountered internal error running command: TypeError: Cannot read property 'element' of undefined
    I thought the coordinates would take care of the need the need for element.
    I’m using Appium 1.15.1, with a Webdriverio client to test an app on an Android device.
    Has anyone here been able to implement locator and pageObjects like we do in Java with @androidFindBy @IosFindBy in javascript?
    Tom Fottinger
    @gselsidi Have you checked out https://webdriver.io/docs/selectors.html
    @FottingerTom_twitter yes and it seems the only way to achieve the above as in Java, to assign potential different selectors to one variable is with accessibility selectors
    but that requires both apps to have the same accessibility labels
    which basically means they have the same exact locator
    the scenario is when the selectors are different assigning them to the same property variable, doing some sort of check like a try catch, until it finds the element. This is already built into Java with those annotations, and it does it automatically for you
    It seems here I'll have to code up the logic on my own, if i want to re-use tests, with different selector values for each app
    Andrew Williams
    Hi everyone
    I am trying to write a simple script that opens a IOS app and check if the login button exist on the login screen.
    However, the script I created is throwing errors
    I am not too familiar with the API
    Is the correct way to access the Login button on a iOS app const field = await client.$('accessibility id', 'SignInButton');
    Here is the complete code

    // javascript

    const wdio = require("webdriverio");
    const assert = require("assert");

    const opts = {
    port: 4723,
    capabilities: {
    platformName: "iOS",
    platformVersion: "12.1",
    automationName: 'XCUITest',
    deviceName: "iPhone 8",
    app: "/Users/test/Downloads/demo-test.ipa",
    deviceOrientation: 'portrait',

    async function main () {

    try {

     const client = await wdio.remote(opts);
     const field = await client.$('accessibility id', 'SignInButton');
     const value = await field.getText();
     assert.equal(value,"SIGN IN");
     await client.deleteSession();

    catch(err) {



    Tatiana Durova

    hi! I have an error
    Class Initialization method AidaTest.ScenarioStart.ClassInitialize threw exception. System.InvalidOperationException: System.InvalidOperationException: Couldn't connect to remote machine. ---> System.InvalidOperationException: Couldn't get process information from performance counter. ---> System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception: Access is denied.

    I have to run one .exe file

    private const string testAppId = @"D:\sw-platform\BuildResults\Deployment\OR1Desktop.exe";
    Work with WinAppDriver
    You don’t have admin privileges
    Tatiana Durova
    where? I think i have..

    WinAppDriver says

    HTTP/1.1 500 Internal Error
    Content-Length: 133
    Content-Type: application/json

    {"status":13,"value":{"error":"unknown error","message":"An unknown error occurred in the remote end while processing the command."}}