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Repo info
    Tatiana Durova
    private const string testAppId = @"D:\sw-platform\BuildResults\Deployment\OR1Desktop.exe";
    Work with WinAppDriver
    You don’t have admin privileges
    Tatiana Durova
    where? I think i have..

    WinAppDriver says

    HTTP/1.1 500 Internal Error
    Content-Length: 133
    Content-Type: application/json

    {"status":13,"value":{"error":"unknown error","message":"An unknown error occurred in the remote end while processing the command."}}

    How are starting the server? Also share your code snippet
    Tatiana Durova
    @rsmodake you know, the tests are green if I watch what happens (switch to the virtual machine) and have a look. When it is minimize - the tests fail
    Initialization method NotepadTest.ScenarioEditor.TestInitialize threw exception. System.InvalidOperationException: An unknown error occurred in the remote end while processing the command..
    and only changes locale session to the remote
    > protected const string WindowsApplicationDriverUrl = "";
    WinAppDriver.exe 4723
    Tatiana Durova
    as I understood there is no support for headless mode..
    Hi can I use Appium for load testing of Mobile App?
    Dai Pham Ngoc
    Does anyone know about MAX_FRAME_SIZE variable in appium-remote-debugger?
    I have some errors related to the app frame size but I don't know how to calculate it.
    Please help me to resolve this problem. Thank in advance!
    Silas HAYRI
    Hi everyone
    I have a question that
    How I can write a beforetest class that has a switchable appPackage and appActivity
    and Select the wanted app to run in the test project
    I have multiple android apps in the same project
    Hello everyone, can someone help me, can't accept Chrome permission on remote Android device
    Screenshot 2020-02-16 at 23.50.54.png
    I set in desired capabilities : autoGrantPermissions: true, noReset: false
    but still can't remove this pop up
    I'm using + appium, and run my tests on ChrossBrowserTesting platform
    Hi everyone
    Scrolling down is not working in iOS
    Map<String, Object> scrolldownObject = new HashMap<>();
    scrolldownObject.put("direction", direction);
    scrolldownObject.put("element", element.getId());
    js.executeScript("mobile: scroll", scrolldownObject);
    it is working till yesterday but all of a sudden it is stoped working
    Dan Rose

    Hi All,

    I'm using setValue on an element in a website built in react. It is working in all browsers except iOS Safari. Looks like its the same as this issue from 2018, which is closed: appium/appium#10883 anyone experienced this before and know of a workaround? Or are we doomed to not test react apps on iOS?

    HI Everyone , Is it possible build test scripts using appium for 3rd party apps like Netflix , Youtube on Real IOS Devices ????
    Dan Rose
    It is possible... easier on android, as you can get hold of an APK for the app. I'd imagine the companies involved wouldn't like it though unless you work for them ;-)
    @danrose77 Thanks for the response is it possible on IOS ?
    I have completed the android part But IOS part is pending
    Dan Rose
    It is, but you are going to need copies of the app in question and an apple developer account... why are you looking to automate a third party app though? Sounds dodgy
    @danrose77 you can use JavaScript to set the value
    this is a test
    Hello , Is there anyone who is working in serenity BDD and appium
    someone guide me how to integrate appium with serenity BDD
    can I attach to an existing session using ruby and appium_lib?
    Looking through documentation it looks like I can only create new sessions
    set im your appium capabilities
    {"autoGrantPermissions": true}
    Hey @Amrkamel1 , I did that but for some reason it won't work .
    config.capabilities = [
        platformName: 'Android',
        browserName: 'Chrome',
        maxInstances: 1,
        record_video: true,
        deviceName: 'Galaxy S9',
        platformVersion: '9.0',
        deviceOrientation: 'portrait',
        autoGrantPermissions: true,
        autoAcceptAlerts: true,
        automationName: 'UiAutomator2',
        noReset: false,
        chromeOptions: {
          args: ['--deny-permission-prompts', '--disable-permissions-api', '--disable-media-session-api', '--disable-media-suspend', '--disable-popup-blocking']
    These ^^^^ are my capabilities :/

    can you try this

    "chromedriverArgs", "--allow-file-access-from-files"

    anyway i have just noticed that you are running the test against chrome not native app, in this case autoGrantPermissions wont work as its working with the installed app (apk) on global level not with chrome driver.
    the one i have mentioned above should work with you
    Satheesh Kumar
    Hi, Can we load an image to the imageView in an iOS application
    another way around is to switch to native app context to be able to interact with the android pop up modal
    and inspect the element and manually click "allow"
        await driver.context('NATIVE_APP');
        let allowButton = await driver.element("xpath", ".//android.widget.Button[@text='Allow']")
        await allowButton .click();
    Shilpa Vasu
    hi, how can I resolve "Duplicate class org.openqa.selenium.WebDriver found in modules java-client-7.3.0.jar" in android studio
    I have a in app webview, when I inspect it in real device i just get one element for entire page, but inspecting same page in simulator allows me to inspect all the elements on that webview. What to do, because finally the tests have to run on real devices. and it does not identify the elements there.
    I want to use Appium to touch an arbitrary point on the home screen, like to automate tapping on an app, or automating opening up settings and change options by repeatedly sending touch x,y coordinates. Is this possible? For Android it can be done, but not sure about iOS.