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Repo info
    Charlie Lin
    I mean I can see it on screen but selector can grab it
    the invisible element should not be in this page
    is that the problem can be resolved by developer?
    Hello! I am new to Appium and trying to get a test running with PageFactory. I believe I have everything correct, but I receive the following error when running it through TestNG: io.appium.java_client.pagefactory.bys.builder.AppiumByBuilder.prepareAnnotationMethods. Any ideas on how to correct this?
    Vikas Verma
    hello everyone
    @TimHHatcher can you try to convert your project as maven project and add dependencies
    Hello everyone, Is any one facing latency issues when running Appium mobile test on AWS device farm . I am using Appium boilerplate projects from webdriverio website
    HI - trying to start IOS simulator on IOS15 and keeps failing - these are my caps:
    "automationName": "XCUITest",
    "platformName": "iOS",
    "deviceName": "iPhone 13",
    "platformVersion": "15.0"
    [XCUITest] Failed to create WDA session (An unknown server-side error occurred while processing the command. Original error: Could not proxy command to the remote server. Original error: connect ECONNREFUSED Retrying...
    1 reply
    Sonu Gupta
    Hi all, I am facing a issue with Appium Espresso. Appium Espresso server crashes when:
    1. App under test is killed and relaunched using driver.terminateApp(<appPackage>) and driver.activateApp(<appPackage>)
    2. Perform upgrade using installApp(<appPath>) command - First installing old version of app under test and then using installApp(<appPath>) command again to install the new version of the app. Then using driver.activateApp(<appPackage>) to launch the app and perform further test
    Hi Guys, I need help on setting up Appium Grid (using WinAppDriver) for desktop application. I tried but facing connection issues between hub and node. Can anybody share sample working code if you guys already worked on it?

    Hi All, getting some errors as shown in serenity-bdd/serenity-core#2634 when trying to execute appium ios testcases on saucelabs with serenity bdd. Can somebody help me on it?

    Caused by: org.openqa.selenium.json.JsonException: Expected to read a START_MAP but instead have: END. Last 0 characters read:
    Build info: version: '4.0.0', revision: '3a21814679'

    Abhay Bharti
    I using my project to Selenium4.0+ Appium Java Client 8.0.0 beta. I am following migration doc, could not find detail about methods like hideKeyboard(), launchApp(), closeApp() mobileelement.getId() etc. Do we have list of methods/class which have been deprecated & new alternatives available?
    Vikas Verma
    What's new for Android app developers at Google I/O?
    Ans: As Android developers are guided by building experiences that delight people worldwide, Google I/O has updated Android 12, termed one of the most significant design changes. They are also extending their apps like which can be taken by the user wherever they go. Android 12 is stuffed with many unique features from users' safety point of view. It will help in creating apps that are delightful for the users. It is termed the most significant change in recent times, and the Android app developers can download the beta and try it for themselves.
    Hello everyone.. is there any way to determine if a native element is clickable, seems like the function .isClickable() is not supported (based on this bug webdriverio/webdriverio#7773) for native applications.
    1 reply
    I have upgraded my iOS version from 14.8.1 to 15.1 and webdriverAgent is uninstalled. now when try to run automated scripts it is failing and in appium console could see below error

    Hi All,
    Please help me solve an issue. Currently my framework consists of (node v14.17.6, webdriverio, appium, babel, mocha)

    I am trying to click on an element of an android app.
    But getting an error TypeError: $(...).click is not a function

    I have installed @wdio/sync as well, with node v14.17.6

    My code was:
    describe('It should click on login button', function(){
    it('should click frame', function(){
    const frame1 = '#co.zip.sandbox:id/exo_overlay';



    The detailed error is as below:
    Execution of 1 workers started at 2021-12-21T11:43:36.147Z

    [0-0] 2021-12-21T11:43:36.266Z WARN @wdio/utils:shim: You are running tests with @wdio/sync which will be discontinued starting Node.js v16.Read more on https://github.com/webdriverio/webdriverio/discussions/6702
    [0-0] 2021-12-21T11:43:36.564Z INFO @wdio/local-runner: Run worker command: run
    [0-0] RUNNING in co.zip.sandbox - D:\apgsAutomation\specs\clickZip.js
    [0-0] TypeError in "It should click on login button.should click frame"
    TypeError: $(...).click is not a function
    at Context.<anonymous> (D:\apgsAutomation\specs\/clickZip.js:6:19)
    at Context.executeSync (D:\apgsAutomation\node_modules\@wdio\sync\build\index.js:38:22)
    at D:\apgsAutomation\node_modules\@wdio\sync\build\index.js:69:73
    [0-0] FAILED in co.zip.sandbox - D:\apgsAutomation\specs\clickZip.js

    Spec Files: 0 passed, 1 failed, 1 total (100% completed) in 00:00:05

    Dhawal Sarwate
    I am new to this channel
    I wanted to know if i can integrate Testflight and Appium so that appium can use the same build that is pushed to test flight
    can some one look into my config to run tests on mobile android and iOS parallelly …but it is throwing error " WebDriver Error: An unknown server-side error occurred while processing the command. Original error: You must include a platformName capability"
    exports.config = {
    host : '', // default appium host
    port :4730,
    specs: ["./test/specs/*.spec.js"],
    services: [
    args: {
    command: 'appium',
    maxInstances: 2,
    // For iOS/android bases mobile device
    capabilities: [{
    iOSClient: {
    port: 4730,
    automationName: 'XCUITest',
    platformName: 'iOS',
    //platformVersion: '12.4',
    deviceName: 'iPhone 6s',
    //deviceName: 'iPhone 6s',
    browserName: 'Safari',
    clearSystemFiles: true,
    acceptInsecureCerts: true,
    androidClient: {
    port: 4723,
    automationName: 'Appium',
    platformName: 'Android',
    //platformVersion: '10.0',
    deviceName: AndroidInfo.deviceName(),
    //deviceName: 'prime 6s',
    browserName: 'chrome',
    commandTimeout: '7200',
    noReset: false,
    Appium Inspector and Appium taking to much time for finding the element. Although Resource ID and accessibility ID are defined and it still slow. Please see the screenshot.

    hi there, while running some tests using webdriverIO and appium against browserstack, I get this error in a random manner (not always but potentially in the same set of tests):

    "UnknownError: An unknown server-side error occurred while processing the command. Original error: Could not proxy command to the remote server. Original error: socket hang up"

    has anyone else faced the same error? this only happens in browserstack, locally (real device or simulator) it works 100% of times. I couldnt find anything clear in the internet to guide me onhow to solve it
    hi there, does anyone know what is the price for enterprise license ?
    Hi there, does anyone know how to automate flutter apps? Flutter has been upgraded and they have depreciated flutter_driver.
    1 reply
    Hi everyone, anyone is test samsung browser ? any way to download it or to get the official APK?
    is AVD support or have samsung devices ?
    sai krishna
    Interested to do Mobile Automation project?
    I tried inspection in web browser and application, even though the appium server is successfully running and the port number is correct, it's showing that error as server is not connected
    Jeff Sharn
    Has anyone used Endtest or a similar no-code tool instead of Appium?
    Was it worth it?
    How to prevent the mobile application from closing and re-opening each time a new feature is running?
    I am using cucumber, wdio and appium.
    With the following capabilities.
      platformName: 'Android',
        'appium:platformVersion': '11',
        'appium:udid': 'emulator-5556',
        'appium:app': join(process.cwd(), `./apps/${appEnv.appName}.apk`),
        "appium:automationName": "UiAutomator2",
        "appium:waitForIdleTimeout": 500,
        "appium:noReset": true,
        'appium:newCommandTimeout': 120,
        "appium:automationName": "UiAutomator2",
        "appium:noReset": true,
        'appium:newCommandTimeout': 60,
        "appium:fullReset": false
    Connor "SIGSTACKFAULT" King
    what's the current canonical way to automate a Spinner? Everything I can find seems to be out-of-date.
    they all say to use driver.scrollTo which I don't have
    HI all,
    I am using Appium desktop (App Version: 1.20.2-4) on Mac Monterey (v 12.1) , iOS simulator, and real iPhone to establish a session and interact with the app. The connection is established successfully, and I can interact with the app through Appium, except when a popup appears; in this case, when I try to tap on the popup buttons, this error appears: "Call to 'tap' failed. An unknown server-side error occurred while processing the command. Original error: * - [__ NSArrayM insertObject: atIndex:]: object cannot be nil"
    Appreciate for any help!
    Jeff Sharn
    Hi all iam working on Webdriver.io Andorid and Mocha framework Allure reports are generated blank. On web automation allure reports are generated please help me
    Reports index.html Code

    <!DOCTYPE html>

    <html dir="ltr">
    <meta charset="utf-8">
    <title>Allure Report</title>
    <link rel="favicon" href="favicon.ico?v=2">
    <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="styles.css">
    <link rel="stylesheet" href="plugins/screen-diff/styles.css">
    <div id="alert"></div>
    <div id="content">
    <span class="spinner">
    <span class="spinner__circle"></span>
    <div id="popup"></div>
    <script src="app.js"></script>
    <script src="plugins/behaviors/index.js"></script>
    <script src="plugins/packages/index.js"></script>
    <script src="plugins/screen-diff/index.js"></script>

    Screenshot for reference
    Nir Tal
    If my ios app os compiled with xcode13 is it supposed
    Supported by appium?
    Hello, Anyone knows why starting appium server programatically always fails with java ? cmd works regular
    at io.appium.java_client.service.local.AppiumDriverLocalService.start(AppiumDriverLocalService.java:189)
    [debug] [HTTP] No route found for /status
    [HTTP] <-- GET /status 404 1 ms - 211
    Using latest appium & latest java client

    Hi Fellow Appium Users,

    I am trying to make my mobile application go through a proxy so that I can have a different ip address. Below are my attempt and it's not working. It's still giving me my own Ip address. How can I make my Android application go through appium server and then go through a proxy server?

                // I am using Proxy Manager from BrightData, it allow me to input all my proxies (host:port:username:password) and rotate it automatically. 
                // Proxy Manager give me a port to use which connect to those rotated proxies
               // eventually I just want to use (host:port:username:password) but I don't know how to authenticate correctly
                String proxystring = "";   
        Proxy proxy = new Proxy();
        File appDir = new File("src");
        File app = new File(appDir, "WhatismyIPaddress_v3.02_apkpure.com.apk");
        DesiredCapabilities cap = new DesiredCapabilities();
        cap.setCapability(MobileCapabilityType.DEVICE_NAME, "Pixel 3 API 30");
        cap.setCapability(MobileCapabilityType.APP, app.getAbsolutePath());
        cap.setCapability(MobileCapabilityType.AUTOMATION_NAME, "uiautomator2");
        cap.setCapability(MobileCapabilityType.PROXY, proxy);
        AndroidDriver<AndroidElement> driver = new AndroidDriver<AndroidElement>(new URL(""), cap);
    1 reply