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Jan 2017
Jan 25 2017 19:32
It seems no matter how I change the server_url for the appium broker in my caps it always defaults to localhost. Basically I'm trying to set the server URL to another another that has appium up and running.
Hardik Desai
Jan 25 2017 19:40
how do you set server url?
Jan 25 2017 19:42

`def setup

    desired_caps = {

        caps:       {

            platformName: 'iOS',

            deviceName: '', 

            bundleId: ',

            user: '', 

            password: 'password',

            takesScreenshot: false,


        appium_lib: {

            server_url: '’, 



    @driver =

    @driver.start_driver.manage.timeouts.implicit_wait = 10



Hardik Desai
Jan 25 2017 19:58
i do a start_driver
and then do driver.get url
appium_lib i guess is for appium server
if you are actually trying to talk to appium itself running on a different server, i am not sure
i just run locally on a different port
i think you need remote webdriver