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Nov 2015
Ann Raiho
Nov 03 2015 15:28
@bcow and @ashiklom
whoops sorry i sent that before I was ready. But, I'm trying to run workflow.pda.R from my localhost. I don't think the db.query function is working. Do you know why that might be? or what I should check?
Betsy Cowdery
Nov 03 2015 17:17
You can't access psql-pecan, the server that hosts the bu version of bety from localhost
You can only access it from other pecan sservers i.e. Pecan2, test-Pecan
I'm not sure if Mike wants you working on test-test-Pecan or pecan2
I have sudo privileges on test so that's where I do all my development. I can get you hooked up yo.