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Jan 2016
@Nabrok was it returning an error (or stack trace) or just "no such match"?
There's a synchronization step (10-15 minutes) during reset to ensure that all the matches are played out -- there's likely something with an undefined state during that causing breakage one way or another. Though I'm not sure why the match would exist but not be accessible via ?world=x.
@Eearslya @Nierrrrrrr I was actually looking into that some more and I might have been totally wrong; will need to do some more investigation but there might actually be a way to expose that data.
It's super weird how it's modeled in content though, hence my missing it originally
(also I won't be able to get changes to /v2/guild/upgrades until mid/late next month, so better to just use queicherius's stuff (thanks queicherius))
Jan 24 2016 03:27
@lye it was just no such match. This was about 6 hours before NA reset though
huh that's super weird; I'll have to look into that later this month
was thinking it might be a cache coherency issue, but that wouldn't happen 6hrs before reset
Eearslya Sleiarion
Jan 24 2016 03:32
It was a 'world is not in match'
Jan 24 2016 03:32
right, that was it
IIRC both /v2/wvw/matches?world=x and /v2/wvw/matches?id=x use the same backend endpoint -- but it's possible that that isn't the case
there's two sets of backend endpoints that expose similar data (but gather it from different sources) -- sounds like one of them is misinterpreting a signal from the game servers and prematurely clearing state
(something something distributed systems are hard)
Jan 24 2016 03:35
There's no wvw icons officially available are there? (for keeps, towers, camps)
Eearslya Sleiarion
Jan 24 2016 03:45
@Nabrok Yes and no; there's a few gray-colored icons in /v2/files
Olafur Johan Trollebø
Jan 24 2016 18:11
Been dabbling a bit with the API now that the guild api is available and my GM gave me a key. Noticed a small thing though, is there any reason why the Guild Favor is not included in the costs array of an upgrade? Can understand why aetherium isn't exposed, but not sure about the Guild Favor. Oversight or deliberate? Searched the forums and tried searching this chat about it, to no avail.
Scratch that... Thought of the wrong endpoint, ment the treasury endpoint. Any reason why it is not included?
I was planning on putting the guild currency bits in /v2/guild, which isn't released yet.
It's not exposed mostly due to oversight
Jan 24 2016 19:01
Any ETA for /v2/guild ? Would also be useful for aetherium.
not really no
maybe early next month; need to come up with an output format that makes sense
Jan 24 2016 20:16
@Eearslya Thanks, that plus colorify option in gimp gave me some nice icons