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Feb 2016
Eearslya Sleiarion
Feb 06 2016 08:24
@lye This would be amazing to see for the API..just sayin'.
Feb 06 2016 11:17
that looks really cool
Feb 06 2016 11:21
i've played around with it ages ago, it's... amazing
Eearslya Sleiarion
Feb 06 2016 19:21
@lye Negative specialization ids?
Feb 06 2016 19:33
oh, i guess i might have the one or other character too that would cause trouble :D
Eearslya: wtf, how is that returning negative ids :|
I'm guessing there's some garbage/uninitialized data that I'm reading
Eearslya Sleiarion
Feb 06 2016 21:23
Hey, I'm just the messenger here!
I'm only complaining about my apparent incompetence
I always appreciate bug reports
Eearslya Sleiarion
Feb 06 2016 21:24
All the traits that get returned there don't exist either
The short-term workaround is to treat a negative specialization id as "this entire object should be null"
I can probably have a bandaid on our side deployed on monday (the bandaid's going to use the same "does this look insane or nah" logic until I get the correct backend fix through the release process)
Ryan Mast
Feb 06 2016 22:51
A creature/monster api would be interesting - not sure what it could be used for though... a list of all ambient creatures in Tyria maybe