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Feb 2016
uhh, I think /v2/account/achievements is broken again -_-
not sure why, but Uncanny Canner (and a bunch of other ItemSet achievements) aren't showing up with my API key -_-
false alarm, just a bug in my test scripts (phew)
Simon Amor
Feb 13 2016 00:51
@lye - the TP vendor in Altar Brook. It works sometimes, but then other times you can't interact with it - either get 'Talk' and it talks to the merchant to the left, or 'Greet' and it greets the soldier to the right. I logged a bug a month ago but intermittent bugs are horrible to diagnose.
Feb 13 2016 00:59
@Iye, you should write test scripts for your test scripts :>
Feb 13 2016 01:00
Wait, we can boostrap this
if you can feed your script testing test scripts to your script testing test script, you dont have to go any deeper
Feb 13 2016 01:05
gonna read that after some night rest, its 2am over here, gn!
Feb 13 2016 02:24
who's going to bed at 2am? best time to work!
whassup with github lately? why are all the repo icons broken? >,<
Feb 13 2016 23:59
"Great repository names are short and memorable. Need inspiration? How about solid-octo-chainsaw."
now this is a repo name :D