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Feb 2016
Feb 15 2016 05:09
Ohhhh, awesome! I just noticed that the range and recharge skill facts now have icons! :+1:

Something weird with treasury endpoint.

@Nabrok that's super weird. Is it still giving bad data? IIRC there's some code on the endpoint that looks for weird stuff and should kick back {"error" : "endpoint broken"} when it sees inconsistencies (rather than returning bad data)

Speaking of, I've always wondered; why's it such a big security problem to reveal character IDs, but not a problem with account IDs?

@Eearslya historically there were a lot of exploits in GW1 that leveraged character IDs, so we err on the side of caution and avoid exposing them at all. The client doesn't see other people's character IDs either, for the most part.

Feb 15 2016 18:24
@lye yeah, it's still not showing those items
dang, what's your guild ID?
(also helpful: the id of the items that should show up)
Feb 15 2016 18:28
24282 (potent venom sacs)
24299 (intricate totems)
perfect, thanks. gonna pull the entirety of the guild's data locally and see what's up
Feb 15 2016 18:31
I think there's a few other items not counting as well
large fangs (also a T5 material) may not be showing up either
Chris Horak
Feb 15 2016 18:34
Any word on the contacts API?
I don't have an ETA, no
@Nabrok yeah, I'm seeing 250 venom sacks in the raw data. I'm not sure why that isn't being emitted.
Feb 15 2016 18:45
Probably not related, but it does seem to be just items at the beginning of the array
I just dropped in a powerful blood (2nd item in the array), we'll see if that shows up.
Feb 15 2016 18:53
6 minutes since deposit, still not showing.
Dropped in a powerful venom sac, and that showed up straight away. Just seems to be the first 9 items that aren't coming through.
I'm thinking that my code is incorrectly culling the upgrade that requires those
Feb 15 2016 19:04
I think they're all arena upgrades
I should now have at least 1 in each of the first 9 items.
However, the powerful sacs show up and the potent ones don't, and they're both for the same upgrade
and only that upgrade
...huh so I think the venom sacks are required by poison turrets which is missing a prereq?
Feb 15 2016 19:13
Yes, poison turrets
We have the prereqs for it though
not according to my code
that's probably what the bug is
Feb 15 2016 19:13
Level 30 and walls?
my code says you don't have walls for some reason
checking the source data
Feb 15 2016 19:14
we do have walls
I'm looking at them right now :)
yeah, and the data clearly says you have walls
I need more coffee
Feb 15 2016 19:17
Also upgrades endpoint says we have walls
okay, so the confusion is because I'm using my local upgrade data which hilariously has different upgrade ids from live
@Nabrok found the bug, I'll have a fix deployed sometime this week
there are multiple venom sack entries in your treasury
Feb 15 2016 19:40
Great, thanks
multiple entries? You mean the item is showing up more than once?
it's due to some legacy data formats
you have one entry with {"count" : 0} and another with {"count" : 250}
Feb 15 2016 19:42
Hmm, I'm only seeing item id 24282 once
the broken one is being culled
Feb 15 2016 19:43
The "broken" one being the one with 250?
the dependent upgrade gets assigned to the count=0 one
since the count=250 one has no dependent upgrades it's considered garbage data and discarded
Feb 15 2016 19:44
I see.
I'm explaining it poorly. But basically it's a disaster.
Feb 15 2016 19:45
Is the 250 tied to something we don't have the prereqs for or just unattached?
the 250 is the new format and indicates you have 250 in the treasury
the 0 is the old format which is being read because not all guilds have migrated to the new format