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Feb 2016
I'm gonna keep an eye on this for the next couple of hours, but it seems like everything is mostly working
Eearslya Sleiarion
Feb 20 2016 00:55
Famous last words
the steep drop was when I did the changeover; the spike in /v2/commerce/listings is me running a stress test
Pat Cavit
Feb 20 2016 00:57
good we've successfully hidden the APIs from the people abusing them
not sure what caused the drop after changing over :/
at this point I'm not that worried about it
I kind of expected more stuff to catch fire
(so I turned on /v2/pvp/seasons btw)
lye @lye facedesk
Feb 20 2016 01:02
It's Friday at 5PM so that seems like a good time to do a live deploy
actually on second thought
I think I'm going to punt until Monday
use ?ids=all
Feb 20 2016 01:20

It's Friday at 5PM so that seems like a good time to do a live deploy

can someone please tweet this link at iamdevloper? :D

Pat Cavit
Feb 20 2016 01:21
No public shaming thanks
we prefer to keep our shaming internal
Feb 20 2016 01:21
Feb 20 2016 06:17
For the record, I would like to throw my support (for what it's worth), behind Chris' comments. Though I understand the privacy concerns, I feel an invis check would allay most of those. Moreover, the endpoints proposed, if implemented, would allow for a more comprehensive out-of-game guild presence that games like RIFT and WoW already have... Things I've already started to try and put in place with the existing API by created an API built Slack invite app... I'd love to extend that to in-game statuses if possible.