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Feb 2016
Feb 24 2016 14:45
The season id in /v2/pvp/games, does that refer to any other end points at the moment?
Feb 24 2016 16:29
@Nabrok should be /v2/pvp/seasons/:id
I should probably make a forum post describing the new PvP-related endpoints
I'll try to do that after I turn on /v2/pvp/standings today
Feb 24 2016 17:02
What will standings contain?
Basically the current and historical season standings for an account (e.g., the division/pips/etc)
Feb 24 2016 17:04
What is "repeats"?
From what I've read, when you max out the top rank it rolls over
so it's basically duplicate ranks past the top rank
Feb 24 2016 17:05
Ah, yes it does.
Probably could have named that field better.
Feb 24 2016 17:06
Not that I made it to the top rank ... but that's what it says in the game UI.
ditto heh
Feb 24 2016 17:07
Will you be releasing the guild challenger league table in an API? Would be nice to track progress over time.
I want to, but haven't gotten it working locally yet :/
When it's working I'm planning on stuffing it into /v2/guild/:id/teams, though I'm not sure that's the best place for it
(I'm actually not sure if we retain the data between seasons)
Feb 24 2016 17:09
Could you do an unauthenticated listing of the entire league?
I can do the top 10 (or whatever the UI displays)
I can't display the complete listing
Feb 24 2016 17:10
The UI does display the teams surrounding your own team.
At least, as long as you are in the top 1,000.
I can probably display that too then; I haven't gotten my local stack to track guild team standings for some reason :/
yeah IIRC that server only stores the top 1000 and the cutoff
(which is why the web leaderboards also can't display past the top 1000)
Feb 24 2016 17:30
Another thing in the team UI is the game history.
If you can add that, would be useful to include the game id as shown in /v2/pvp/games. I'm already using that to match games from different guild members.
hmm, I'll have to dig around and see if I can't expose that
that's probably pretty low-hanging fruit
bam #230
Feb 24 2016 17:54