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Mar 2016
Robert Logiewa
Mar 13 2016 18:49 UTC
I don't have anything against PHP programmers -- they can use the language if they like. I personally hate the language and would never use it. At no time I didn't say anything different.
Robert Logiewa
Mar 13 2016 18:54 UTC
But in the end I have the right to criticising the languages I don't like I also have the right to make fun of languages I don't like. As long as I don't insult the people using it, I can express my oppinion the way I like. Anyone telling me otherwise (as briefly mentioned in the link above), is demanding something for themselves, they don't want to grant others: Freedom of Speech
Mar 13 2016 18:59 UTC
isn't it coincidence that this just ran through my TL?
Mar 13 2016 19:32 UTC
Pet peeve: posting an XKCD without its alt text
Mar 13 2016 19:37 UTC
wtb xkcd embeds
Shii Kayano
Mar 13 2016 19:44 UTC
wtb merchant inventory API after realizing that the generalization of merchant inventory on the wiki is incorrect on some articles, and waypointing all over Tyria using multiple characters would cost time (and coins).