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Mar 2016
Edgar Doiron
Mar 17 2016 12:48
playing Warrior like a pro
just gotta stick that banner and I did my job
Shii Kayano
Mar 17 2016 19:27
#264 should hopefully help out with tracking different story combinations across different characters. I'm bad at structuring JSONs, so submitted an issue rather than a PR (should there be a biography and story field? what type would they be? etc etc)
haha oh god that data
I swear there was an open issue for that already
not seeing it though, weird
@BryghtShadow but to answer your question, the story/biography data will probably match the journal entries very closely (might even need to make a /v2/journal endpoint that exposes the raw journal data)
I'm not sure how much it varies (gender/race/etc); I took one look at how the progress is tracked internally, cackled, then started working on something else.
David ReeƟ
Mar 17 2016 19:40
Cackled because it was completely sane, so it will be easy to do... right, right? :sweat_smile:
Shii Kayano
Mar 17 2016 19:56
@lye I was also weighing the option of (1) "only keeping track of the branching steps and the last step completed" vs (2) "logging all the steps completed". if less branches, 1 is concise. if many branches, 2 is simpler.
Shii Kayano
Mar 17 2016 20:03
I found the issue that's similar: #176.