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Mar 2016
David ReeƟ
Mar 24 2016 01:11
Grats! :D
Mar 24 2016 14:26
thanks @queicherius :D
Mar 24 2016 17:11
And my guilt because the stocker list
Mar 24 2016 19:39
Welp. That auto
Chris Horak
Mar 24 2016 20:37
@lye: RE friend data: What if you could get a preview or gauge what community reaction would be like to an all-powerful contacts API, would that influence the implementation?
@chrish16 hmm, potentially.
I think it's probably better to start it really restricted, then gradually relax restrictions as time goes on, depending on the general perception of it.
maybe that's not a good approach, I'm not sure
Pat Cavit
Mar 24 2016 21:12
That is almost always the right approach