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Mar 2016
though tbh that value looks wrong, I should have like 900 gems, not 300
yeah, the value is wrong for my account.
@Eearslya willing to bet something's broken with /v2/account/wallet; gems are a bit wonky and not stored in the same way as other currencies.
Eearslya Sleiarion
Mar 28 2016 20:24
@lye Odd, because I have 600 and it says 0.
uhh, hmm, I have 845 on live, the API says I have 323
so it's certainly not off by a certain amount
I think the authoritative storage for gems changed and there's a bit of code that didn't get updated; looking into it now
Mar 28 2016 21:03
gems = gems - (800 * Math.random())
Eearslya Sleiarion
Mar 28 2016 21:59
@windwarrior gems = Math.random()