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Apr 2016
Apr 02 2016 00:33
kormir will haunt me in my dreams tonight, thanks to you @queicherius
her lurking in the corner of the screen is just creepy :D
David ReeƟ
Apr 02 2016 01:13
@codemasher Good. That is what she would want. :smiling_imp:
Shii Kayano
Apr 02 2016 08:46
@lye Today's special (SAB) dailies need to be whitelisted:,2857,2886,2879,2850,2840
Apr 02 2016 13:59
I voted for non-tracking ads. I don't want to have to pay constantly for every website I visit, but I still want them to be able to cover the cost of my bandwidth
Apr 02 2016 14:09
thats a fairly good point, seems to depend on preferences though. i'm okay with paying a few bucks for a great service i use on a regular basis. or a great article which costs a fee (heck, i paid that way for articles on almost 15 years ago :D).