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May 2016
May 10 2016 08:33 UTC
I guess someone will have to see this and think "oh, maybe we should update the API to include victory points" :D
Just took notes (on paper) while on the phone. Not sure if my hand is using asymmetric encryption or just hashes
May 10 2016 10:27 UTC
mine has some kind of built-in obfuscation
May 10 2016 15:20 UTC
must be salted too, I can repeatedly try to write the same and the output always looks different
May 10 2016 15:21 UTC
this is brilliant
Pat Cavit
May 10 2016 16:25 UTC
that tweet is whiny bullshit

Looks like those daily jumping puzzle achievements are missing in the API

@zeeZ just went through the whitelist; was on vacation and forgot to get someone else to take over that for me :<

trait 1013, which doesn't exist

@darthmaim yeah, 1013 is which has sense been removed. Opened up #307 to track that.

I guess API will be updated to include victory points?

@Nabrok presumably yeah. I'm not sure what the status of that work is (guessing "just started" at best) but my goal is definitely to have API-game parity for WvW if nothing else. I'm not much of a PvE player.

May 10 2016 20:04 UTC
Welcome back then I guess @lye
Thanks :D