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Jun 2016
Steven Liekens
Jun 05 2016 10:04
do GMs have the power to reset event chains if they get stuck?
Eearslya Sleiarion
Jun 05 2016 13:00
I've seen it done during the early days of HoT. They can do..a lot. I also saw them designate a player to walk around an NPC's path, and he would teleport the event NPC to the player to check where/why the NPC would get stuck
Jun 05 2016 15:41
is it just me, or is the continent_rect for this region completely nuts?
continent_rect: [[17664, 8192], [23808, 21376]] spams me with tile errors
i'm currently using the old values [5118, 6922],[16382, 16382] (might increase +x and +y though)
Jun 05 2016 20:06
"guys go back hotjoin pls" is a compliment, right?
Jun 05 2016 21:40

The layer names can contain HTML, which allows you to add additional styling to the items

this is perhaps one of the most stupid things i've seen

since the "layer names" are object keys
hey, what could possibly go wrong?
and there's already a "layer config"
Jun 05 2016 21:48
auw, "disable until sunrise" is not a f.lux button you want to press :/
Jun 05 2016 21:49
cyanogenmod has something similar built in, and every time i reboot my phone it switches to full bright white and i'm blind
(bootloader unlock warnig screen...)