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Jun 2016
there's the script i'm currently working on:
Jun 11 2016 15:05
Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'mapAttribution' of undefined 
  setBaseMap @ widget-gw2map.js:142
  GW2Map @ widget-gw2map.js:41
  window.addEventListener @ test:89
but why? am i to dumb to javascript?
    constructor(container, id, settings){
        this.container = container;        = id;
        this.settings  = settings; 
console.log(this.settings);  // -> undefined
and i call with
maps[i] = new GW2Map(containers[i], i, {
                    mapAttribution    : true,
Jun 11 2016 16:48
all my js up to this point is formed by salvaging other people's code, I haven't encountered constructors or classes so gallic shrug
Jun 11 2016 16:49
i've sorted it out
turns out it's quite a good idea to add scripts to the DOM before firing the "load" event
something went wrong and it didn't get loaded :D
anyway, should load like a charm now
Jun 11 2016 17:02
Good. Glad to hear it.
By the way, if I take a screenshot ingame when zoomed in to the max, will it be the same quality as a raster tile from zoom=7?
Jun 11 2016 17:06
no, due to ingame rendering, smoothing, effects
only way would be to extract the original tiles and convert them to png instead jpg
like [name of the glorious mapping guy i just forgot] did with the hi-res wvw maps back then
Jun 11 2016 17:09
ah a pity.
that turned out to be a stupid question because its missing all the ingame stuff i'm supposed to use as the background. (updating some of the static maps using the api boundaries)
Jun 11 2016 17:11
that said, uhh, @lye would it be possible to render .png too next time?
Jun 11 2016 20:50
If there is eventually a v2 for events, would it contain which "meta" and "map meta" they contribute to? (my terminology is probably wrong here, i don't know how you refer to the event assistant internally)
Jun 11 2016 20:55
ohhh why did I think I could explain someone symlinks over reddit :/
for non-tech users its also one of the more obscure functions of a filesystem...
Eearslya Sleiarion
Jun 11 2016 21:53
@windwarrior Could have tried explaining it like a shortcut
Erik Humphrey
Jun 11 2016 22:47
@windwarrior about the symlinks, that wouldn't actually work and /u/LookingForTracyTzu is right
Jun 11 2016 22:50
dang, i've never seen Ish's svg maps before
why has noone ever told me? D: