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Jun 2016
Jun 15 2016 00:46
so ehm... for in the future when legendary armor is released, i'm curious about the data of how many players actually go for it, and with that i mean mainly charr/asura players vs others :P
the first precursor tier is not well received :P
can't expose anything to do with player numbers, unfortunately :P
I can tell you it'll be somewhere between "no one" and "everyone" though
Jun 15 2016 09:15
fyi: Wildstar has a "first on realm" global chat notification for almost every achievement. and tbh, i loved the same for maxed titles in gw1. gw2 is completely missing out here.
Jun 15 2016 12:38
Aw @lye :(
Well... at least I can sleep safely knowing that the data is within its possible boundaries
Jun 15 2016 14:14
my unit tests are hitting timeouts 10% of the time
Just read The Night Watch again and reminds of the "I HAVE NO TOOLS BECAUSE I’VE DESTROYED MY TOOLS WITH MY TOOLS" quote
David Reeß
Jun 15 2016 18:00
@nukiebaba Omg thank you for that. That was fucking hilarious.
Jun 15 2016 20:52
@lye doesnt deal with imaginary player numbers, that would make stuff waay too complex