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Jun 2016
@codemasher I have no idea what could have changed but I've got the same issue
I'll look into it more tomorrow -_-
(these images are... perfect :D)
(2nd: GW1 female monk /doubletake)
Jun 28 2016 00:55
#342 just in case ;)
Jun 28 2016 16:49
#342 -- Its full of stars!
Jun 28 2016 17:04

The WvW tick timer will no longer drift and is now always based on an absolute time.

  • Removed one (rare) cause of hanging after ticks.
  • Weekly round endings will occur at more reliable times.

i suppose this will directly affect the api as well?

Jun 28 2016 17:05
also no more api weirdness with the resets? :P
I have a fix in for that but it'll go out with the next release
didn't fix it in time unfortunately
Jun 28 2016 17:07
ahh, fair enough ^^

The Shared Inventory Slots can now be dragged to either the beginning or the end of the inventory. An additional Embed Shared Bag option in the inventory Options menu allows players to keep Shared Inventory Slots on their own row or have them embedded into the bag-slot grid view.

wow... seems players got what they wanted

@codemasher found the sector bounds issue
it's my fault, i am dumb
Eearslya Sleiarion
Jun 28 2016 18:06
@lye Wait, new servers? Fancy.
wait what
Eearslya Sleiarion
Jun 28 2016 18:08
uhh hmm so the new servers for tomorrow's release got deployed it seems
yeah the new version of the .dat reading server
I don't know why I said "new servers"; more like "updated versions of the existing servers"
Jun 28 2016 18:29
shorthand :D
Jun 28 2016 20:18
well if you're doing it right every deploy is a new server :P
Jun 28 2016 21:55
now with optional center coordinates:
WTB geocoder!
Jun 28 2016 22:45
i always hear HoT music instead :cry:
Eearslya Sleiarion
Jun 28 2016 23:40