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Jul 2016
Jul 04 2016 01:19
[03:17] <Horrible> wow, guild wars is at the top of r/gaming
[03:17] <Horrible> er, r/games
[03:17] <Horrible> guild wars, not gw2
[03:17] <smiley-_> what
[03:17] <Horrible>
from #gww - link to click:
Erik Humphrey
Jul 04 2016 01:58
what's that uhhh
that webapp someone made that uses your API key to help sort your stacks out
like finds the items on various characters and suggest to condense them into one stack
Eearslya Sleiarion
Jul 04 2016 02:16
Jul 04 2016 15:36
namespace OAuth\Common\Exception;

 * Generic library-level exception.
class Exception extends \Exception{

i want to punch someone in their mouth - it's like saying "have fun refactoring Exception. fuck you very much!"
Jul 04 2016 16:10
there's nothing like test-driven refactoring...