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Sep 2016
Sep 04 2016 02:28
@queicherius oh, i just thought of a nice addition to gw2e: search engine support
this basically allows me to type "gw2e something" in the address bar of chrome (if the term is properly configured in the options) and it will open the search results of my account ^^
right now i already use "gw2w something" :D
Sep 04 2016 08:32
@queicherius It's called OpenSearch and explained here:
basically just <link rel="search" href="/opensearch.xml" type="application/opensearchdescription+xml" title="Search"> in your head and a xml document pointing to the search page url.
David Reeß
Sep 04 2016 11:24
@Archomeda @darthmaim That's a super cool idea. I'll write it on the list. I want that too, didn't know it was possible. :D
I promise there will be some more features, right after stuff is on the new architecture. Right now, about 80% of the critical stuff is over there and works (but not live yet). Last thing missing is the account crawler, and I want to test if that burns down the servers before I switch.
Sep 04 2016 15:13
@darthmaim oh nice :D didn't know there was a whole specification describing it
@queicherius cool ^^