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Sep 2016
Sep 05 2016 02:12

:point_up: 2 september 2016 15:26

well, forget about sparkfly, according to people on reddit it's a different map

@tivac also, the achievement for bloodtide can be whitelisted now ^^
(got my chest of loyalty again today... i wonder, is that +57% gold find actually useful? :laughing:)
David Reeß
Sep 05 2016 16:36
@lye I am testing part of the new backend of efficiency that hits the API, let me know if that's breaking things. It should not even show up in the graphs, but who knows...
Sep 05 2016 17:25
also @tivac because @lye is still out of office I think
Sep 05 2016 17:35
@queicherius @windwarrior :point_up: 2 september 2016 15:18