These are chat archives for arenanet/api-cdi

Oct 2016
Jonathan Andrist
Oct 29 2016 00:52 UTC
So, you're saying its been pushed? Now, someone help me read it for real!
./is kidding, and will see it when the match ends like normal folk. Enjoy your weekend!
Oct 29 2016 13:42 UTC
anyway, thanks @tivac <3
Brian Patrick
Oct 29 2016 19:35 UTC
So this is where all of the magic happens. Wish I had known about this place sooner!
Oct 29 2016 19:36 UTC
We are referencing this gitter chat in almost every forum asking for features/fixes/... thread
and its in the readme of the api-cdi repo
anyway, hi, welcome to the place where all the magic happens .o/
Oct 29 2016 20:29 UTC
heh, best pumpkin
would make a great easter egg in gw2 tho :P
Oct 29 2016 22:42 UTC
@frodesigns o/