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Nov 2016
Nov 04 2016 00:13 UTC
Uh, might have found a small bug. Bloodstone Fen lists the available floors as [0,1,2], but the details list the Temple of Renewal under floor 3 - it's not in floor 0,1 or 2. Ideas?
Nov 04 2016 10:16 UTC
maybe make it into a ticket @ChieftainAlex, for when lye returns
Nov 04 2016 11:48 UTC
observes and takes detailed notes
@codemasher heheheheeee, I work well in Excel, the stuff I do is mostly experimental when it comes to the TP, Excel actually gives a decent amount of flexibility I'm my use case
Nov 04 2016 11:52 UTC
makes me wonder if there's anything Excel does better than a scripting language backed by a database (except for being convenient... ;) )
(by scripting language i mean something like php, python, ruby etc. )
Nov 04 2016 15:11 UTC
excel still uses visual basic afaik
it would be awesome if microsoft would support third party programming language addons or something
(i disgust visual basic)
Nov 04 2016 15:14 UTC
@Archomeda i did not mention VB for a reason... hehe
Nov 04 2016 18:07 UTC
@queicherius, your dropdowns on the crafting page dont do keyboard commands :O
David Reeß
Nov 04 2016 18:23 UTC
Yeah, don't ask how these dropdowns work. You dont want to know.
Edgar Doiron
Nov 04 2016 18:59 UTC
actually, now i really want to know
Nov 04 2016 20:37 UTC
well they are definately not drop downs
they are some sort of replica of the same functionality
position absolute... yeah I figured
well actually I think its sort of sensible, its not really possible to get more then text in a normal dropdown
David Reeß
Nov 04 2016 20:54 UTC
I would have used a 3rd party module but I didn't find any at the time, so I hacked that one together
Same with the tooltips that are a pain at so many points
Nov 04 2016 21:08 UTC
David Reeß
Nov 04 2016 22:53 UTC
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