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Nov 2016
Nov 05 2016 00:08 UTC
a friend of mine is interested in minecraft again, he pointed me to the modpack project ozone, had some issues installing it, turns out that minecraft (or the mods) needs java 8 nowadays, got it working, found out that i still had the binaries of somewhere, set it up, and yay it works
if you ever play minecraft with friends and your server is 80% of the time idle, i highly recommend it
Nov 05 2016 08:34 UTC
"the server is quickly started up again"
Nov 05 2016 08:51 UTC
@queicherius is that a problem for you? i think you get the point ;)
Nov 05 2016 14:18 UTC
I was thinking you could use the bootstrap dropdown... but you dont appear to be using bootstrap @queicherius