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Nov 2016
Nov 07 2016 14:23
@queicherius re your tooltips:
David Reeß
Nov 07 2016 14:53
@codemasher Yup, that was my experience too. Especially the flipping when it would go outside of the browser window. There are also some that are super under-engineered, so you can only use basic text or not configure anything. :/
Nov 07 2016 14:55
How can it be Monday already?
Edgar Doiron
Nov 07 2016 14:57
:point_up: :cry:
Nov 07 2016 15:22
@queicherius the one i linked seemed most promising to me (also, it had support for prototype js... hrhrhr)
yes, i still use prototype :D
Nov 07 2016 15:24
I have prototype in some of my older stuff that's still active.
Jonathan Andrist
Nov 07 2016 16:24
The Stronghold Champion Skin unlocks arent exposed anywhere are they?