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Dec 2016
Dec 04 2016 00:17
Desert is beautiful, but it's hard to find fights since it takes ages to get from one point to another - not only because it's generally wider, but also because of the weird pathing and enormous height differences. The scrim spots are superior to alpine though (my opinion)
Jonathan Andrist
Dec 04 2016 05:10
You mean different maps have different pros and cons? gasp =)
Dec 04 2016 15:01
which map is the zerker of the maps?
Dec 04 2016 20:11
minor_traits and major_traits are in order right?
like minor_traits[0] is adept minor, minor_traits[1] is master minor, etc
Dec 04 2016 20:44
they should be I think, but I always used tier of the trait to determine if its adept, master or grandmaster just to be safe
Dec 04 2016 20:45
hmm... seems a good idea to do that
Dec 04 2016 21:37
oh, there's also an order property on the traits, nice