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Dec 2016
Dec 25 2016 21:33
wow, i just found out millenium is now powered by wvwintel. that's damn nice
Dec 25 2016 22:42
interesting... these items exist, but not on the tp, but they have both listings of 999g ingame when you deselect "show only available"
of course, these items are not supposed to exist i believe, but still odd that there are sell listings for it
Dec 25 2016 22:48
these items are all showing up on my tp :/
Dec 25 2016 22:55

with the following tp sell listings:

  • 37585: 999g
  • 37590: 999g
  • 37588: 200g3s51c
  • 37572: error 400
  • 37579: 999g
  • 37570: error 400
  • 37568: 190g43s50c

error 400 body:

{"code":400,"reason":"ErrUnknown","body":{"code":1050,"product":59,"module":9,"line":238,"text":"TradeItemList: Unknown Item"}}

did support poke some non-existing item ids again? :D

oh hmm, they seem to exist for quite a while already according to gw2spidy (are they still using gw2's internal api, or it's probably bugged)
Dec 25 2016 22:58
gw2spidy is using the official api afaik
Dec 25 2016 23:00
Last updated: 149 days ago
probably added to some blacklist 149 days ago?
and gw2spidy shows the last price it has?
Dec 25 2016 23:02
oh hmm, probably isn't blacklisted though
so i suppose you're right
Dec 25 2016 23:03
Dec 25 2016 23:04
still odd that they can be posted on the tp :|