These are chat archives for arenanet/api-cdi

Dec 2016
Michael Dougall
Dec 29 2016 07:50
Dec 29 2016 22:02
i fucking love GW1
note the "G" and "W" on the eyes of the gingerbread shield
Edgar Doiron
Dec 29 2016 22:03
Productivity --
Pat Cavit
Dec 29 2016 22:20
I... have no idea what to do here
like I'm matching stuff
but it makes zero sense to me what I should match
or why
then I die every night
Eearslya Sleiarion
Dec 29 2016 22:23
@tivac It's a bejewled game; get 3+ in a row
Pat Cavit
Dec 29 2016 22:24
yes of course
and then what
I match three wood/stone, he builds stuff
I match three food, health goes up
then night comes and I match swords/shields and... die?
why am I building stuff?
how do I not die at night?
Eearslya Sleiarion
Dec 29 2016 22:27
I think you want to try and -not- match the gravestones..
Dec 29 2016 22:27
you only can have 1 shield/sword
matching them repairs
you have potions in the bottom right
killing enemies fills the bar on the right
that increases your max health
not sure what the point of that all is though
Dec 29 2016 22:30
i match 1 thing, and then it's busy matching for like 15 seconds...
Dec 29 2016 22:31
now im building 3 houses at the same time?
day 7
whats the point of this game?
other than wasting time
Dec 29 2016 22:33
aren't all games essentially wasting time?
Dec 29 2016 22:33
well yeah, but why am I building houses?
Dec 29 2016 22:34
dunno :laughing:
Pat Cavit
Dec 29 2016 22:36
there's a whole tech tree, I think?
it's just very opaque
oh you can prioritize buildings
I dunno, once has a star on it now...