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Feb 2017
Feb 19 2017 02:58
what has GW1 become...? :(
Feb 19 2017 03:51

i just completed 3 hot maps... i'm now fully done with all map completions for the specialization weapons

i'm tired :tired_face:

Feb 19 2017 19:06
interesting, the description for fractal dailies differ between the nightmare and other ones
the nightmare dailies say "complete this fractal at level <min_nightmare_fractal> or higher" whereas the others say "complete this fractal at level <min_tier_fractal_level> or higher"
this translates to tier 1 nightmare: min 25; and tier 1 solid ocean: min 1 (even though the first tier 1 solid ocean fractal is 20)
David ReeƟ
Feb 19 2017 22:02
to re-iterate on the 502 of guild teams, seems like the first request goes through and then all following requests time out for a while
Feb 19 2017 23:39
@Archomeda sounds like a bug for everything but Nightmare.