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Feb 2017
Jonathan Andrist
Feb 28 2017 03:09
Lye, you're not on TC tonight are you by chance? I'm curious who claimed air keep so I can thank them =)
Feb 28 2017 12:19
@darthmain I completely missed your PR on my dev tracker
merged it now :P
Feb 28 2017 12:48
haha no problem
I forgot about it too
otherwise I would have said something in here
Feb 28 2017 17:43
hastag devops
Eearslya Sleiarion
Feb 28 2017 18:32
Oh good lord
David ReeƟ
Feb 28 2017 18:36
Oh that is why downloading a release from github did not work, welp
@rwfrk_twitter nah I'm on YB, the best server NA. Someone else must be running on TC, didn't realize anyone ran T1 lol.
Eearslya Sleiarion
Feb 28 2017 20:12
I want that to be real. It'd be a story to rival leftpad. XD
Feb 28 2017 20:13
what the hell
I think my caching layer is broken
I just repro'd the WvW 5-min lag issue on live
and... it's not the backend components
Jonathan Andrist
Feb 28 2017 20:36
Maybe someone wanted their gift of battle. I know I usually dont see people up here and then I was like. ANET Claim? o.O least you have a repro. thats a start
a repro on live, yeah
can't repro locally
which means the issue is totally insane
i'm just going to remove caching for the endpoint
and watch the world catch fire
(going to do a live deploy after lunch)
Jonathan Andrist
Feb 28 2017 20:40
Wow.. they actually talked about a few linking metric pieces in public gasp
Also. clap clap Way to go YB.
yeah color me surprised too
Jonathan Andrist
Feb 28 2017 20:43
Also, I suddenly feel bad for encouraging people to gobble candy corn for MTX buffs ALL the time. I wonder how much that contributes to the ranks earned metric. Or to put it another way I wonder if they have a raw-ranks metric. Without things like Kegs or "Experience Booster"...
nah the player hours metric very closely corresponds to ranks earned
honestly it doesn't really matter how you slice it
YB is #1 server NA
Feb 28 2017 22:27
rip travis
tried getting a build done, well... doesn't work because of s3
Feb 28 2017 22:28
Feb 28 2017 22:33
yeah... pushes don't start any build atm :(
pretty sure i set up my .travis.yml properly :P
oh wait, i see a request popping up from 4 minutes ago lol
Feb 28 2017 22:38
well, i'll see what happens in an hour... things are massively delayed
Eearslya Sleiarion
Feb 28 2017 23:03
Seems to be fixed now!
Feb 28 2017 23:12
not really
"Build created successfully" but it shows up with a red X :P