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Mar 2017
Michael Dougall
Mar 04 2017 00:06
if it did work itd be hard to use them in the real layout though wouldnt it?
Jonathan Andrist
Mar 04 2017 03:54
Some of them actually get made free outside the GDC Vault. You can hope you get lucky!
Mar 04 2017 10:27
@madou - so why is the Flesh of the Master trait descripton in blue?
looks nice apart from the scrollbars
Mar 04 2017 14:37
yeah I really like that embed! good layout
Mar 04 2017 15:15
looking at the render service api, I'm guessing there's only really fixed dimension of the resources coming out of this?
Eearslya Sleiarion
Mar 04 2017 15:19
Not when it comes to items
Mar 04 2017 15:21
currently just looking at the icons for guild roles
Mar 04 2017 18:05
am I blind, I can't see the doc page for /v2/guild/:id on the wiki
Mar 04 2017 18:08
thanks tho
Mar 04 2017 19:29
that page only lists half the endpoints, has more
Mar 04 2017 20:07
yeah, the page needs to be manually maintained (which I forget to do alot), while is generated automatically
so the second page will always be more up to date, but not as pretty-looking
Eearslya Sleiarion
Mar 04 2017 20:45