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Apr 2017
Jonathan Andrist
Apr 01 2017 00:08 UTC
@lye Do you happen to know if the release notes are this years only joke? I'm not seeing anything in game for once in my GW2 experience. =)
I'd be absolutely fine with that, I just want to knwo i havent missed it.
Apr 01 2017 00:09 UTC
the joke is no sab w3
Jonathan Andrist
Apr 01 2017 00:13 UTC
Jokes are ok if they are 1. Funny 2. Fairly obvious 3.Not mean.
Apr 01 2017 00:14 UTC
Apr 01 2017 03:08 UTC
gw1 is broke
no helicopter in embark beach q.q
Michael Dougall
Apr 01 2017 04:39 UTC
@lye hi im trying to access this endpoint but its not working:✌️/🛍️
pls help
Apr 01 2017 14:58 UTC
Spotted some v2/items with blank names. Known issue?
ID Item icon looks like...
63366 Superior Rune of the Earth
70994 Caithe's Remorse
71093 Caithe's Remorse
71914 Verata's Seared Ring
72587 Plague Signet
72726 Verata's Seared Ring
72897 Caithe's Blossom
72971 Caithe's Remorse
73746 Wynne's Locket
74126 Verata's Seared Ring
76651 Wynne's Locket
at least one of the trinkets is minstrel stats.
Apr 01 2017 20:58 UTC
@ChieftainAlex otherwise create an issue, a table can get lost quite easily here