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May 2017

shows numbers only for the blue team, while

@potatofarms ughguhguhghg it's probably totally broken, fml. This is what you get when you add a bad programmer to a distributed system.

any reason why: uses a 32x32 icon instead of the standard 64x64?

@Darqam there's no size enforcement for images, I've seen "icons" on live that are 256x256 and are actually the weapon's texture put into the wrong field.

May 08 2017 15:42
but there are some icons in the API that are 32x32 but 64x64 in game

apparently there are a bunch of hidden achievements for the Flashpoint backpack.

@ChieftainAlex I just whitelisted the druid stone (and a couple of missing achievements). Gonna check gw2t later for any extras that are missing

May 08 2017 17:07
@lye cool thank you. Was "Sprouting the Druid Stone" in there too?
it only shows up when someone has completed it, or unlocked it?
I don't recall
there was an item called "something druid stone" and like 3-4 achievements
I didn't look too closely at the names before whitelisting, unfortunately
May 08 2017 17:10
I can only see "Awakening the Druid Stone" + "The Druid Stone"
sigh I'm so demanding ;<
dang, Sprouting the Druid Stone is an achievement, right? I need to dig up the ID
nah it's no big deal
May 08 2017 17:11
ah okay there are four achievements here
just whitelisted the last two, not sure why those didn't make it to the whitelist queue
May 08 2017 17:13
superb job
team effort :heart:
May 08 2017 17:19
I think I messed something up in my new code...
Missing 1 entries for skins. Updating now.
Saved : 121 entries
nah that's expected
there's a bunch of skins that aren't whitelisted
been meaning to blacklist the items that reference them but haven't gotten around to it yet
May 08 2017 17:21
May 08 2017 17:30

some items to whitelist which will appear on your treasures page:

skins to whitelist:

playing with a new achievement widget on the wiki. :D
Heh, nice. Just whitelisted 81153,81020,80998,81201,81006,81200,81035 since that's what was on the page before; lemme double-check that list real quick
kk whitelisted 81134,81088,81131,81069,81137,81084,81048,81021,81125,81149,81058,81047,81110,81165,81041,81066,81185,81118,81023,81094,81195,80999,81086,81105,81160,81187,81099,80994,81080,81004,81054,81180,81148,81029,81171,81164,81170,81081,80995,81150 as well