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Jun 2017
Jun 04 2017 00:24
wait what
was that directed at what i was discussing earlier? :P
or does alex know more than he's telling us
Jun 04 2017 01:09
i just saw github pubsubhubbub (wth that name), is that basically subscribing to any possible github repo without being the owner of it?
compared to webhooks
Jun 04 2017 04:51
Wait, where did that ominous 2000 come from?
Jun 04 2017 04:57
From nowhere, thus it is gospel; thus it is truth
Jun 04 2017 11:30

The 2000 comes from here: :point_up: 1. Juni 2017 18:37

@Archomeda checked gw2efficiency for rank stats and 10% of players with 4000h+ have over 2000 rank

Jun 04 2017 12:57
also, rip free binaries for the application borderless gaming: heh
lovely how the author just hides
Jun 04 2017 13:26
okay, nvm that pubsubhubbub, it's just a different API to add or remove webhooks ;-;
Jun 04 2017 14:12
I'm struggling to find a decent pair of control points to convert from GW1 to GW2 coordinates. The alignment ends of reasonable but not as close as I'd hoped. I'm currently using (Point A) the Balthazar statue in Old Ascalon/Plains of Ashford + (Point B) Fort Koga in Henge of Denravi/Brisban Wildlands.
I've found some cool stuff though, namely D'Alessio Arena + Sanctum Cay south of LA, Troll Cave in Talus Chute (which is still a troll cave in Mount Maelstrom).
Seems the alignment tails off further west it goes, especially that bloodstone/the falls