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Jun 2017
Eearslya Sleiarion
Jun 11 2017 05:23
alright who here's got a full items database? I'm beginning to realize my current serialization method is hack after hack
I wanna know how you guys do it
Jun 11 2017 10:17
I have columns for all properties I want to filter/join on (name, type, ...)
everything else is in a big JSON column
David ReeƟ
Jun 11 2017 10:43
I dump it how the API spits it out into MongoDB, set indexes on the columns I filter often (id, name) and let it deal with the rest.
Jun 11 2017 10:44
thats probably how I would do that now too
but my db is over 4 years old now :O
well, maybe not quite yet
I think I started late 2013
Jun 11 2017 11:09
@that_shaman - with your remastered map of Tyria, did you draw the portal icons on later?
Jun 11 2017 12:10
so I made a thing:
I would have stuck it on the gw1 wiki but it hasn't got widgets enabled yet.
Jun 11 2017 12:24
also with the same markers projected onto the gw2 basemap
Jun 11 2017 14:50
(that's how i process the data, @darthmaim may do it a little different ;) )