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Jul 2017
Jul 02 2017 08:16
@lye it's probably quite late to do it, but any chance of exposing the client language setting along with the interface size you already put in the pipeline for me?
WP released a vid yesterday about my overlay and I'm getting requests for multiple language support, it'd be a nice way of doing it :)
Jul 02 2017 13:44
@BoyC with regards to the api keys, I don't know how significant it would be for your followers, but perhaps allowing for multiple keys (for multiple accounts) would be nice. You could always confirm which account they load into and load the appropriate key from there.
Jul 02 2017 18:29
Yeah that's something I looked into when I first started working with API keys, but decided that for a first go one key should be enough. Once this has its kinks worked out, and more features added, I'll look into it, the main reason being multi-account-search in-game.
Jul 02 2017 19:35
@lye was that you? :D