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Jul 2017
David Reeß
Jul 07 2017 19:34
Does anyone have a (js) library for feature testing in browsers? Aka $('a:contains("Login")').click(); expect($('#login-form')).to.contain('Credentials required')? Preferably with a headless browser. Tried selenium / nightwatchjs and it was absolutely horrible experience. Bonus points for an extension like that spits out code instead of being locked into a SaaS
Eearslya Sleiarion
Jul 07 2017 19:44
PhantomJS can be used as a headless browser, but it itself is not a testing library..It does show a few libraries its compatible with here:
I use PhantomJS with Capybara for my rails app
David Reeß
Jul 07 2017 20:36
Thanks for the pointer, I tried phantomjs, nightmare, zombie and casper quickly and for some reason they all were even slower. Oh well, time to bite into the sour apple.
Jul 07 2017 21:38
I have seen something alike before
But I can't remember how it is called
Jul 07 2017 23:15
@queicherius maybe [nightowl](
That went so great on mobile
Oh nvm you tried