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Aug 2017
Aug 07 2017 15:56
I like how the fractal guy^tm is always very active on forums and reddit
(or more like: one of the fractal guys)
also I cannot wait for more fractals
they have really been hitting them out of the park lately
John Carroll
Aug 07 2017 21:59
just curious, has anyone here had any success with webcomponents. they seems quite nice but i've not heard strong things either way
Aug 07 2017 22:13
What's up with the IDs of the Materials sections being so random? It goes 5,6,29,30,37,38,46,49,50. Why the huge gaps?
things that got added/removed I guess?
ids also aren't guaranteed to be monotonically incrementing
Aug 07 2017 22:26
I figured it would be something like that
It just struck me as odd having such large gaps
yeah seems weird to me too
i dunno
Aug 07 2017 22:29
most of the missing ones are pvp stuff
Aug 07 2017 22:31
Were they removed with the pvp overhaul a few years back?
Aug 07 2017 22:31
@JamEngulfer when the new stat system was introduced, every stat item was replaced by a new one and the old ones got removed, hence the huge gaps
it was a mess
Aug 07 2017 22:31
Oh boy. Sounds like one, yeah