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Sep 2017
Michael Dougall
Sep 21 2017 01:27
Sep 21 2017 12:33
noooo... :-1: is removed from the reactions on the forums :(
Sep 21 2017 12:44
we're generation facebook, we're only permitted to "like" stuff
Sep 21 2017 12:58

We expect this change will reward more skilled use of kitten while remaining effective area control in the vastness of Elona and beyond.

seriously... that word filter is just as terrible as from the previous forums

Quaggan BooOOoot
Sep 21 2017 12:59

Scourge Specialization Updates for the Path of Fire Launch
by (ArenaNet) Irenio CalmonHuang.2048 in Necromancer

Greetings Necromancers,

As the sands of the Crystal Desert beckon several things have changed since the previews of the Scourge elite specialization.

  • Manifest Sand Shade: Reduced duration of shade from 25s to 20s. Reduced target cap from 5 to 3.
  • Nefarious Favor: Increased cost from 15% to 21% base vitality in life force.
  • Garish Pillar: Reduced cost from 50% to 40% of base vitality in life force.
  • Desert Shroud: Increased cost from 40% to 50% of base vitality in life force.
  • Harrowing Wave: Now grants 3% life force per enemy struck.
  • Serpent Siphon: Poison from 1 stack for 3s to 2 stacks for 5s.