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Oct 2017
Quaggan BooOOoot
Oct 30 2017 13:58

API downtime Oct 30-Nov 1.
by (ArenaNet) Lawton Campbell.8517 in API Development

We're doing some hardware maintenance and the GW2 APIs will be down from 3PM PST Oct 30th to 7PM PST Nov 1st.

Oct 30 2017 17:29
@lye is that intentionally a 52 hour window?
sounds a bit much to change some hardware
that's the window I got
Oct 30 2017 17:34
if its intentional all is well!
Oct 30 2017 18:03
oh damn... i forgot october has 31 days...
Eearslya Sleiarion
Oct 30 2017 18:04
you forgot halloween?
Oct 30 2017 18:05
what's halloween?
Oct 30 2017 21:16
It's the day when you hide in the basement and turn all the lights off upstairs.
Oct 30 2017 21:59
The Post is apperently refering to PDT instead of PST, isnt it?
whatever the current timezone is yeah
I can never keep track of that stuff
Eearslya Sleiarion
Oct 30 2017 22:00
I think it's PDT until 11/5
I guess i might have missed the little Text down there :/
It says when you sellect PST
Oct 30 2017 23:49
wait, you guys don't have summer time anymore either?
when did it end for you in NA?
iirc it's different compared to EU
ours just ended last sunday
Eearslya Sleiarion
Oct 30 2017 23:51
DST is until november 5th
Oct 30 2017 23:55

I think it's PDT until 11/5

i'm blind

well, and that should be PST then
PDT is summer time? aaaallright then
PDT for Pacific Daylight Time, while we have Central European Summer Time... why
timezones are dumb
Archomeda @Archomeda is going to cry in a corner now